Eat well and safely at Can Pep

At the Restaurant Can Pep in Port d’Andratx we comply with all the hygiene and safety protocols established by the Ministry of Health and the Department of Health and Consumption of the Government of the Balearic Islands.

At Can Pep we not only want you to enjoy a complete gastronomic experience but we also want you to feel as relaxed as you do at home. That is why we have adopted new preventive measures to minimize risks and avoid any contagion from COVID-19:

– We have installed informative signs with basic recommendations for the prevention of infection, focusing on maintaining a safe distance and washing and disinfecting hands.

– We have intensified the cleaning and disinfection of washbasins and other common areas, which are sanitized more frequently than usual by an authorized company. Likewise, the cleaning and disinfection of crockery, cutlery and glassware before and after the meal service is meticulous.

– We supervise that clients do not make arbitrary use of the equipment on the terraces so that it can be disinfected between diners.

– We also provide customers with disposable napkins and hydroalcoholic gel.

– We have replaced the classic menu with menu with a QR code available on the internet for a more secure consultation that is adapted to the needs.

– We recommend replacing cash payment with card transactions.

And all this without losing our traditional smile, which can be sensed under the hygienic mask that we all wear.

We hope to welcome you very soon at the CAN PEP restaurant in Port d’Andratx!



Can Pep, several generations and same place

CAN PEP restaurant in Port d’Andratx has seen time go by in this small but emblematic port anchored where the Tramuntana begins. Several generations have witnessed how a small fishermen’s refuge has become a port of reference in Mallorca. Man always looks back to build a future and improve, and CAN PEP know that evolution is necessary to adapt to the palates of visitors who come to try the best recipes of Por d’Andratx.

In spite of the changes there is something that remains in this emblematic restaurant, and it is the essence of its cuisine and its promoters. The idea for the creation of CAN PEP came from Mrs. Margarita, who in 1962 was already delighting fishermen with her croquettes. Little by little, on the ground floor of her house a kitchen opened to new gastronomic recipes with the best raw material, 100% local, where the specialty of rice, fish and seafood began to develop. In 1968, despite the fact that at first it was not well received, the Puerto de Andratx Sailing Club was founded, which led to the opening of other small businesses, the creation of new jobs and the port gaining international fame. It then began to attract sailors, travellers, foreign tourists, Mallorcans and anyone who wanted to be part of this new refuge where recreational boats could enjoy native landscapes and delicacies.

In the midst of the tourist boom for Mallorca, which took place in just 13 years, from 1960 to 1973, the island went from having 400,000 tourists to having more than 3.5 million. The number of hotel beds also increased. This led to the necessary works being carried out to convert Port d’Andratx into the one we know today, with a more modern image and conditioned for the arrival of boats and all the services associated with it.

The most important change was made to the promenade and the quay, where the Lonja building is located today. And, from here, CAN PEP has witnessed the advance of history with its spectacular terrace that overlooks the sea and runs along the promenade that leads to the lighthouse after crossing the torrent des Saluet, where even today the small fishing boats are moored.

From CAN PEP we are confident that we can maintain a sustainable port model, respectful of the environment and where we can all put a grain of sand in the history of the place. In this way, future generations will be able to continue delighting themselves with the beauty and calm that is breathed in this corner of the island.