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Can Pep Restaurant says goodbye to the season: See you in 2024!

The time has come to bring another season to an end at Can Pep Restaurant. This Sunday, 29 October, after the lunchtime shift, we say goodbye to months of work full of enthusiasm and desire to offer you the best possible service every time you choose to visit us. That is why we would like to thank you, once again, for the trust you have placed in us.

Today, in this beautiful corner of Port d’Andratx, we find ourselves at the end of an unforgettable season at Can Pep. It is a bittersweet moment in which we say goodbye to a year full of culinary experiences, laughter and shared moments that will remain engraved in our memories. On behalf of the whole Can Pep team, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you who have made us so happy with your visit this season. Your confidence in our cuisine and service is what drives us to improve every day, which is why we have worked tirelessly to offer you the best of Mediterranean gastronomy. Your constant support has been the greatest reward we could have.

We have experienced fabulous days and magical nights, surrounded by the beauty of the port and the sea breeze, and it is thanks to your presence that we have been able to create special moments for all our guests. We hope we have exceeded your expectations.

As we close this season it is time to say not goodbye, but see you soon. We look forward to welcoming you all back next season, 2024, with new flavours and surprises that we are lovingly preparing.

Thank you for being part of the Can Pep family and for allowing us to be part of your lives through food. Until next year, may it be even better and more delicious.

With love,

The Can Pep team in Port d’Andratx.

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Paella, wine, prawns and our terrace, Can Pep’s most valued features

The paellas offered by the restaurant Can Pep in Port d’Andratx are the dish that stands out the most according to our customers. This is what they show in the ratings that users voluntarily leave on Google. They highlight the quality and flavour of the paellas, which we are delighted about because we put all our efforts into offering a quality product, faithful to Spanish gastronomy.

In addition to the paellas, the wines also stand out. At Restaurante Can Pep we strive to have a wine list that matches our dishes. With our wide variety and selection of wines, diners can pair to perfection any of our dishes, with brands of recognised prestige in the wine sector. At Can Pep you will find numerous options for savouring the wine you like best.

As far as gastronomy is concerned, we are happy to know that our customers also highlight the prawns. It is clear to us that local produce is essential in our kitchens, which is why we buy red prawns from Port d’Andratx at the local fish market, which is just a few metres away. Undoubtedly, this is an incentive to continue using quality and local products.

The terrace, a great attraction

Finally, the restaurant’s clients rate our terrace by the sea very positively. It is not surprising, as having the Mediterranean at Can Pep’s doorstep, and even more so in such a beautiful natural setting as Port d’Andratx, a banquet on our terrace is a unique experience.

And you, what do you like most about Can Pep restaurant? We invite you to rate us and write your answer in the Google reviews of our business. That way you can help other users to choose us. If you don’t know us yet, what are you waiting for? Whether it’s paella, prawns, wine or the terrace, we’re sure you’ll enjoy sitting at our tables.

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The seafood barbecue at Can Pep, Port d’Andratx

Port d’Andratx is known for its beauty and vibrant culinary scene. Among the many restaurants that bring this coastal gem to life is Can Pep, a place that offers a unique dining experience, especially when it comes to seafood. Can Pep prides itself on its commitment to freshness and quality, and this is clearly reflected in its delicious seafood grill.

The art of local freshness

What makes Can Pep stand out from other restaurants in the area is its dedication to using fresh fish and seafood from the harbour fish market. This focus on freshness is fundamental to its success and the satisfaction of its diners. When you sit at one of Can Pep’s tables and look out over the harbour, you know that the ingredients served on your plate come directly from the waters in front of you.

The seafood grill: a culinary masterpiece

One of Can Pep’s star dishes, and certainly a reason to visit this restaurant, is its fish and seafood parrillada. Prepared with a selection of fresh seafood from the port’s fish market, this grill is a true culinary masterpiece. Each seafood is carefully selected and cooked to perfection on the grill, which enhances its natural flavours. The simplicity of preparation allows the freshness of the seafood to shine through and allows diners to appreciate the quality of the local ingredients. The result is a dish that delights the senses and satisfies the most demanding palates.

Side dishes to complement the seafood grill

The seafood grill at Can Pep can be served with a selection of side dishes that perfectly complement the flavours. Jacket potatoes, grilled vegetables and a variety of sauces based on fresh herbs and local olive oil enhance the culinary experience. In addition, the restaurant’s wine cellar offers a wide selection of local and international wines to pair with your choice of seafood. Apart from the exceptional quality of the food, Can Pep offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere with panoramic views of the harbour.

For those looking to indulge their senses with the flavours of the Mediterranean Sea in a picturesque setting, Can Pep is the perfect choice. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this delicious fish and seafood barbecue in one of Mallorca’s most beautiful destinations.

bonos quedat andratx comercio

Queda’t a Andratx’ vouchers boost local commerce

The voucher campaign ‘Queda’t a Andratx’ has the main objective of promoting consumption in the local commerce of Andratx. To this end, the town council is launching this commercial promotion campaign consisting of the redemption of consumer vouchers. This initiative has the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Mallorca. They can be exchanged from 10th October 2023 to 9th November. With the ‘Queda’t a Andratx’ vouchers, customers get a discount of 20 euros for every purchase of more than 30 euros. Thus, whoever makes a purchase in an establishment participating in the programme will be entitled to exchange a voucher for every 30 euros of purchase with a maximum of 2 vouchers per person in a single establishment or in different shops.

There are 27 shops participating in this initiative and they can be consulted on the website, where you can also find all the detailed information about the campaign. These ‘Queda’t a Andratx’ vouchers are the second to be launched in 2023 and have a budget of around 80,000 euros.

What are you waiting for? From the 10th of October until the 9th of November 2023, people over the age of 16 with a national identity card or foreigner’s identification number will be able to purchase a product or service from one of the commercial establishments participating in the campaign. Supporting local commerce is important for everyone. And now you know, if between purchases you want to recharge your batteries, we invite you to stop by Can Pep restaurant and enjoy the best gastronomy next to the sea in Port d’Andratx.

dónde comer en Port d'Andratx

Your restaurant for groups in Port d’Andratx

If you are looking for a restaurant for groups in Port d’Andratx in a unique place to organise a group lunch or dinner, look no further. Restaurante Can Pep is the ideal choice to enjoy an unforgettable gastronomic experience by the sea or in its cosy private dining room.

A charming spot in Port d’Andratx

Port d’Andratx is known for its natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere by the sea, and Restaurante Can Pep fits perfectly into this setting. Located in the heart of the port, Can Pep offers diners a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean while enjoying exquisite dishes.

Group lunches and dinners

Can Pep’s versatility makes it the perfect restaurant for groups of all sizes. Whether it’s a family reunion, a special celebration or a corporate event, the restaurant offers options tailored to your needs.

One of the highlights of the Can Pep experience is the opportunity to enjoy lunch or dinner on the terrace overlooking the sea. Imagine savouring fresh and delicious dishes while feeling the sea breeze caress your skin and listening to the gentle murmur of the waves in the background. It’s an experience that combines exceptional food with the natural beauty of Port d’Andratx.

Private room for special celebrations

If you are looking for a restaurant for groups in Port d’Andratx with a more intimate space, Can Pep also has an elegant private room. Here, you can enjoy the same culinary quality in an exclusive setting. It is perfect for celebrations where privacy and personalised service are essential.

Can Pep’s cuisine is based on authentic Mediterranean flavours and fresh local ingredients. Its menu offers a wide variety of choices, from fresh fish and seafood to meat dishes and vegetarian options. Food lovers will enjoy exploring their diverse and delicious menu.

Reserve your space at Can Pep

If you’re planning a lunch or dinner for a group in Port d’Andratx, don’t hesitate to consider Restaurante Can Pep. Whether on the seafront terrace or in the private dining room, you are guaranteed a first-class dining experience in one of Mallorca’s most beautiful locations. Make your reservation and get ready to enjoy an unforgettable evening by the sea.

temporada llampuga can pep

The llampuga season in Mallorca: our recipes

The llampuga season in Mallorca begins for the island’s fishermen at the end of August. This means that days later, consumers can find this delicious product in Mallorcan fish markets and restaurants. The llampuga is one of the most prized fish in the local gastronomy. Its fishing coincides with the first storms that bring the change of season. In fact, this is one of the theories behind its name, according to which it comes from the Catalan ‘llampegar’ (to flash). In Spanish, it is also known as ‘dorado’, ‘pez limón’ or simply ‘lampuga’.

In the restaurant Can Pep in Port d’Andratx, as with the raor, the llampuga season means its inclusion in the menu. It could not be otherwise, as the kitchen is supplied with local products. And in Port d’Andratx fishing is a tradition, so this delicious fish could not be missing from the selection of fresh fish in the kitchens of Can Pep.

Recipes for llampuga in Mallorca

Can Pep knows a thousand and one ways of cooking this fish. Among the llampuga recipes on the menu are grilled llampuga, Mallorcan-style llampuga, pickled llampuga, llampuga with peppers… In short, diners can practically choose how they want to enjoy this local product. The photo in this article, for example, shows a spectacular llampuga tartare served at Can Pep.

Tasty and healthy, this fish inhabits both the Mediterranean and Caribbean waters. In the Mediterranean, they do not usually exceed half a metre in length, while in the Caribbean they can even exceed one metre. Thus, the dolphinfish is considered both a white fish and a blue fish, depending on its age. Those caught in Mallorcan waters contain between 2% and 5% fat and are a healthy and tasty product.

And for you, what is your favourite recipe for llampuga? At Can Pep we cook it to your taste. We are waiting for you in Port d’Andratx.

restaurante llampuga mallorca

comida para llevar port d'andratx paella

Takeaway food in Port d’Andratx

The restaurant Can Pep offers the possibility to try its delicious takeaway food in Port d’Andratx. An opportunity to take its exquisite cuisine with you wherever you go. Whether it’s a day out on a boat or a banquet at home, Can Pep’s takeaway will make sure you enjoy a meal with local flavour in the place of your choice.

Mediterranean flavour in every bite

Imagine savouring Can Pep’s signature Mediterranean delicacies, but in the comfort of your own home, on a nearby beach or in a cosy outdoor area. The restaurant, known for its focus on authentic dishes and fresh flavours, offers a takeaway service in Port d’Andratx. You can order your favourite fish, meat or paella and pick it up at the restaurant to enjoy it wherever you want.

Paellas takeaway in Port d’Andratx

Paella, an emblematic dish of Spanish gastronomy, comes to life at Can Pep. And now, you can enjoy this delicacy no matter where you are. From seafood paella, full of the flavour of the sea, to delicious honeyed rice dishes with their enticing aromas, the options are varied and will satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Fresh meat and fish

If you love the flavours of land and sea, Can Pep’s takeaway menu is your ideal choice. From tender, expertly prepared cuts of meat to fresh fish caught directly nearby, you can enjoy an exceptional dining experience wherever you choose.

How it works

Ordering takeaway food from Can Pep in Port d’Andratx is simple. Browse their varied menu on the website and choose your favourite dishes. Then simply arrange for pick-up at the venue and enjoy the convenience of taking Can Pep’s authentic cuisine to your choice of destination – you can even pick it up by boat!

dónde comer en Port d'Andratx

Where to eat in Port d’Andratx: Welcome to Can Pep

Port d’Andratx, with its stunning coastal beauty and rich culinary heritage, is a renowned gastronomic destination in Mallorca. Among the multitude of options it offers, there is one place that shines with its own light: the charming restaurant Can Pep. If you are looking for a place to eat in Port d’Andratx, a paradisiacal corner of the island, Can Pep is definitely a place you won’t want to miss.

An encounter with tradition

Can Pep is more than just a restaurant; it is a corner where tradition meets creativity to offer unique dishes that delight the senses. Located in the heart of Port d’Andratx, the restaurant has managed to capture the essence of the region and transform it into an unforgettable culinary experience.

A menu inspired by local flavours

The soul of Can Pep lies in its menu, which celebrates the authentic flavours of Mallorca and the Mediterranean. From fresh fish caught in the surrounding waters to local ingredients of the highest quality. Can Pep is the ideal place to eat in Port d’Andratx because every dish tells a story of tradition and love of cooking. Seafood paella, calamari or salt-baked sea bass are just some of the delicacies waiting to be discovered. But also the stone-grilled meat, a classic that few diners want to miss.

Cosy atmosphere and dreamlike views

It’s not just the food that’s the star at Can Pep, but also the cosy atmosphere and picturesque views. The restaurant is in a prime location, allowing you to enjoy a romantic dinner with the gentle sound of the waves in the background. Whether on its open-air terrace or in its indoor dining room, Can Pep offers a complete dining experience for every day, whatever the weather.

Already know where to eat in Port d’Andratx?

If you’re planning a visit and looking for where to eat in Port d’Andratx, be sure to include a stop at Can Pep in your itinerary. Whether it’s for a romantic dinner, a get-together with friends or simply to sample authentic dishes with local produce in a stunning setting, Can Pep will welcome you with open arms.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the authentic flavour of Port d’Andratx at this exceptional restaurant – book your table and get ready for a culinary experience that will leave you wanting more!

bullit de peix Mallorca Andratx

Bullit de peix in Mallorca

Bullit de peix in Mallorca is not as typical as in neighbouring Ibiza. It is a traditional fish stew that has its origins in the Balearic Islands, but particularly on the island of Ibiza. It is a popular dish throughout the region and reflects the local cuisine and flavours.

The dish usually consists of a variety of fish and seafood, such as rockfish, hake, monkfish and sometimes even lobster or shrimp. The fish is usually cooked with potatoes, vegetables (such as peppers, onions and tomatoes) and aromatic herbs and spices, such as saffron, garlic and parsley. The ingredients are simmered together to create a flavourful broth that imbues the fish and vegetables with a rich flavour.

Bullit de peix, with rice

Bullit de peix is often served with another traditional component called arroz a banda, which is rice cooked in the flavoursome fish stock. A rice dish that is usually accompanied by alioli.

As rice experts at Can Pep, we offer bullit de peix in Mallorca so you can enjoy the best of this dish without having to go to neighbouring Ibiza. Of course, we only make this recipe if ordered in advance. That is why we ask diners who wish to enjoy a delicious bullit de peix in Mallorca to let us know in advance. In this way, we will get to work to offer all the flavour and authenticity of this dish.

A dish that is not only enjoyed for its flavour, but also for its cultural importance, as it represents the culinary heritage of the Balearic Islands and their close connection to the Mediterranean.

Please note that recipes may vary slightly from one family or chef to another, but at Can Pep we certainly bring the essence of bullit de peix to the table in Mallorca. A recipe that continues to focus on showcasing the delicious flavours of fresh fish and seafood. Remember that you can order this dish in advance and we will be delighted to serve it to you.

esnórquel en andratx

Best snorkelling spots in Andratx

The coasts of Andratx offer various opportunities to experience the rich and vibrant seabed full of life and colour. Every season invites you to enjoy an underwater tour by snorkelling in Andratx. In winter, however, it is advisable to bring a wetsuit to protect yourself from the cold.

Snorkelling or scuba diving is the simplest and most environmentally friendly way to explore the surface layers of the ocean, a fun activity suitable for the whole family, regardless of age. All you need is a pair of goggles and a snorkel.

Obesmar and Andratx Town Council have presented a guide to snorkelling in the municipality, a summary of which is shown below.

Places to enjoy snorkelling in Andratx

1. Camp de Mar
A beautiful sandy beach with full services, there are buoys marking the bathing area and an exciting course along the left rocky wall, where marine life such as mullets, bream and sea bream can be observed. The beach has shallow water near the buoys, which makes it an excellent place for families as well. The complete tour takes approximately 35 minutes.

2. Ses Dones Beach
Near Camp de Mar, a beach with prominent breakwaters in the water. Heading towards the western breakwater, you will find a sandy and rocky bottom where you can walk, with polished rock slabs and a growing posidonia meadow. Along the shore, rocky islets and an emergent islet are discovered, while the vertical wall close to the shore offers walking and resting at -2m.

3. En Cranc Cove
This cove can be reached by an unmarked path or preferably by kayak to enjoy its exclusivity. In the centre of the cove there is a sturdy rock that dives to more than -4 m and offers the possibility of taking a route around it, exploring rocks and discovering fish such as bream and serranos. The route can take approximately 40 minutes and allows you to return close to the shore to observe the marine life among the rocks.

4. White Cove
This quiet cove, perfect for an exciting snorkelling experience in Andratx, is usually uncrowded and accessible from a nearby car park. A recommended route is to follow the left wall, where the bottom changes from boulders to larger stones, some of which are surfaced and some of which are covered with seaweed. Diverse marine life such as sea urchins, damselfish and damselflies are found along the route, and after rounding a few small islets, it takes about 40 minutes to return to the starting point.

5. Llamp Cove
To reach this small cove, you can go through a beach club next to the coastline and go down some stairs that lead to a platform at the entrance to the water. The bright sandy seabed highlights the presence of mullet and possibly raor, while following the left coastline, there are stratified rock formations that create arches and balconies. The route can take approximately 45 minutes, and as the posidonia meadow emerges, it is advisable to return over the platform full of marine life.

snorkelling andratx

6. Marmassen Cove
Marmassen is an ideal cove to explore by snorkel, with protection from all but southerly winds. The rocky shoreline requires a small jump to enter the water, and as you follow the course of the cove, you will find fish shelters on the walls and drop-off rocks, while the front reveals vertical walls and a posidonia meadow at greater depths. The duration of the walk is approximately 45 minutes.

7. En Fonoll Cove
Located next to Port d’Andratx, this beautiful and peaceful cove offers a sandy beach that gives way to a bed of pebbles and rocks with seaweed. Opting to follow the right wall, you cross a dense meadow of posidonia where you can see groups of salps, and between the cracks in the rocks you may see octopuses. The approximately 45-minute route also includes rock formations that create ledges under which bream are found, islets where cormorants rest and a small cove on the return turn.

8. Egos Cove
A beautiful marine nook accessible via a mountainous path that takes about 40 minutes, which guarantees tranquillity and a low influx of people. Following the right-hand side, you will discover a bed of polished rock and large stones alternating with an extensive meadow of posidonia, while going around the emerging islets with vertical walls you can explore the marine life in the grottoes and folds of the coast. The total duration of the tour is approximately 50 minutes.

9. Es Conills Cove
An excellent urban cove with easy access and especially suitable for families with children. Following a circular route, you can explore a shallow area full of marine life, with fish such as serranos and llisas, as well as some cuttlefish in the sand. When you reach the point and return to the wall of the cove, you will find rocks and islets with bream and gilthead bream, and an arch at -4 m, marking a possible point of return. The approximate duration of the route is 45 minutes.

10. S’Algar Cove
A beautiful urban cove with easy access. On entering the water, there is a slab of polished, shiny stone, followed by a rocky base with seaweed where sea bream and bream abound. Following the right profile due to the navigation on the left side, you explore a sandy beach that turns into posidonia and then rocks with hollows and channels between them. As you turn the point, the depth decreases and you can walk. The return along the coastline is enriched by the varied fauna, including mullets, thrushes and gobies. The approximate duration of the walk is 50 minutes.

11. En Basset Cove
This stunning destination seamlessly unites snorkelling, hiking and kayaking in the foothills of the Serra de Tramuntana, offering an ideal snorkelling cove with crystal clear waters and abundant marine life. Following a circular route, you explore a succession of rocks covered in algae and populated by various species of fish, before giving way to a lush meadow of posidonia on the seabed. The estimated duration of the experience is 50 minutes.

And now, it’s time to recharge your batteries after one of these snorkelling sessions in Andratx. We invite you to come and visit the restaurant Can Pep. Located in the heart of Puerto de Andratx, with views over the sea and a delicious gastronomy, enjoy your meal!