jornadas gastronómicas gamba port andratx

Gastronomic Days of Prawns in Port d’Andratx

This year 2022 Can Pep restaurant is taking part in the Jornades Gastronòmiques de la Gamba in Port d’Andratx. A gastronomic event on the 22nd and 23rd of October that is very attractive for both residents and visitors to Mallorca.

Specifically, our restaurant will be offering two irresistible dishes with prawns as the main ingredient.

  • Prawn cocktail.
  • Mellow red prawn rice.

As participants in these Gastronomic Days of the Prawn in Port d’Andratx, we have made every effort to offer such a rich product in these two appetising ways. Moreover, the event shares our philosophy of using local, fresh and zero-kilometre products. All the dishes included in the days are made with gambusí and red prawns from Port d’Andratx.

We suggest you come and visit us and enjoy the days and the flavour of our cuisine. At Can Pep you will be able to taste the best dishes next to the sea.

The price of this initiative has been unified in all participating restaurants. Thus, the price of the gambusí dish is 8 euros, while the red prawn dish is 12 euros.