moros y cristianos Sant Elm

Sant Elm Moors and Christians Battle 2023

The battle of the Moors and Christians of Sant Elm takes place this weekend. As is tradition, this event takes place on the first weekend of August. Specifically on Friday 4th August, as part of the festivities in honour of Santa Catalina Tomás. This battle is attended by a large crowd of people dressed in traditional peasant and Moorish costumes on the beach of Sant Elm.

A perfect opportunity to take advantage of the visit to come and see us at the Can Pep restaurant, on the seafront in Port d’Andratx.

Sant Elm Moors and Christians 2023 Programme

Although the timetable to follow the battle of Moors and Christians in Sant Elm 2023 may vary, the programme is as follows:

  • 19:00: General assembly of the Moorish and Christian armies in Caragola square.
  • 20:15: Christian army, ready in Caragola square.
  • 20:30: The Moorish army is to assemble on Petita beach.
  • At around 20:30 the Christians will go down to the main beach accompanied by xeremies and ball de bot.
  • The Christian army will remain on the promenade. A Christian advance guard will accompany the xeremiers and ball de bot on the beach where they will have a party and dance.
  • Then, at around 20:50, the Moorish advance party leaves the Sant Elm quay in the direction of the Gran beach.
  • At 21:10, battle between the outposts of the two sides.
  • 21:20 arrival of the Moorish army.
  • 21:30 Arrival of the Christian army on Gran beach.
  • 21:40 Great Battle of Moors and Christians Sant Elm 2023.

The City Council reminds that it is forbidden for children under 16 years of age to enter the battle for safety reasons.

batalla de moros y cristianos en sant elm recorrido