bullit de peix Mallorca Andratx

Bullit de peix in Mallorca

Bullit de peix in Mallorca is not as typical as in neighbouring Ibiza. It is a traditional fish stew that has its origins in the Balearic Islands, but particularly on the island of Ibiza. It is a popular dish throughout the region and reflects the local cuisine and flavours.

The dish usually consists of a variety of fish and seafood, such as rockfish, hake, monkfish and sometimes even lobster or shrimp. The fish is usually cooked with potatoes, vegetables (such as peppers, onions and tomatoes) and aromatic herbs and spices, such as saffron, garlic and parsley. The ingredients are simmered together to create a flavourful broth that imbues the fish and vegetables with a rich flavour.

Bullit de peix, with rice

Bullit de peix is often served with another traditional component called arroz a banda, which is rice cooked in the flavoursome fish stock. A rice dish that is usually accompanied by alioli.

As rice experts at Can Pep, we offer bullit de peix in Mallorca so you can enjoy the best of this dish without having to go to neighbouring Ibiza. Of course, we only make this recipe if ordered in advance. That is why we ask diners who wish to enjoy a delicious bullit de peix in Mallorca to let us know in advance. In this way, we will get to work to offer all the flavour and authenticity of this dish.

A dish that is not only enjoyed for its flavour, but also for its cultural importance, as it represents the culinary heritage of the Balearic Islands and their close connection to the Mediterranean.

Please note that recipes may vary slightly from one family or chef to another, but at Can Pep we certainly bring the essence of bullit de peix to the table in Mallorca. A recipe that continues to focus on showcasing the delicious flavours of fresh fish and seafood. Remember that you can order this dish in advance and we will be delighted to serve it to you.