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Nits a la Fresca in Andratx 2022: Program of concerts

This summer begins one of the most active festivals on the island: The Nits a la Fresca in Andratx 2022. A proposal of 17 concerts for all audiences that will take place in different settings of the municipality. The Nits a la Fresca 2022 begins on June 30 with one of the highlights of this summer, the presentation of the new tour “We have everything” by the singer Joan Dausà at 10:00 p.m. on the terrace of Barba Roja del Castillo de Son Plus.

Another of the main points of the Nits a la Fresca in Andratx 2022 will be the presentation in Mallorca (it has already been presented in Valencia, Barcelona and Menorca), of the “Saba de Terrer” concert on July 29 on the terrace of Barba Roja by Son Mas, by Maria del Mar Bonet with Borja Penalba. In this homage to Father Ginard, they will recover essential pieces of his most traditional songs.

July and August concerts

Ensemble Tramuntana will perform on July 7 at the Castillo de Son Mas. Xanguito, with the tour of his new work “Euforia” on July 10 at the Barba Roja terrace. The habaneras concert of the two municipal choirs on July 14 at the small lighthouse in Puerto de Andratx, followed by the presentation of his new work in Mallorca by the Valencian musician Andreu Valor in a trio format “A new world” on July 21 in Son Mas. In the final stretch of July, Suasi i els Electrodomèstics will play on the 24th of July at the Camp de Mar Beach and the Menorcan musician Guiem Soldevila, with his new work in English “Metaphora” on the 31st of July at Son Mas.

In August, Chicken Sisters will offer a country, folk, reggae, blues and soul concert on August 4 at Sant Telmo beach. On the 7th, the Son Rapinya and Versionados music band will offer a concert of music from the 80s and 90s “When the sun shines” on the Barba Roja terrace. Also in Sant Telm, specifically in the Torre de Sant Telm, the “Marala Trio” will perform, and the concert “A primera luz” on August 11 and later with “Midnight Soul” with the concert “Soul Power”, on August 14 August at the small lighthouse in Puerto de Andratx.

Already in the final stretch of August, classical music by the hand of “Voicello” and the concert «Ópera Mediterránia» on August 18 at Son Mas, and the “Morgana Jazz” with their work «Jazz» on August 21 in an idyllic place, such as Cala Fonoll Beach in Puerto de Andratx. And at the end of August, the Mallorcan summer revelation group O-ERRA will give the concert “Tabula rasa” on the 26th in the Plaza de S’Arracó.

Closing of the Nits a la Fresca on September 4

The new proposal of the young local classical music group Aprojove, and their work “La Cruzada en el Reino sobre el Mar” will be presented on September 1 at Son Mas.

Finally, the closing of the festival will be on September 4 on the Barba Roja terrace by Guillem Albà & Marabunta, with an energetic clown show to get a good smile and thus close the magical Nits a la Fresca.

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