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Typical dishes of Andratx’s gastronomy

The gastronomy of Andratx is rich and varied. From exquisite local products to irresistible delicacies from the sea. A Mediterranean cuisine that combines peasant and seafaring traditions. The latter is perhaps the most deeply rooted in the municipality, which has a marked history of fishermen and a passion for fishing in Port de Andratx.

Numerous fish and shellfish are present in some of the typical dishes of the gastronomy of Andratx. The restaurant Can Pep, in the heart of Port de Andratx, is well aware of the history of the municipality and its culinary traditions. That is why its dishes reflect the Mediterranean essence of a port located in an enclave of great beauty.

Typical dishes of Andratx’s gastronomy

Sopas mallorquinas (Mallorcan soups): The main ingredients are farmhouse bread and vegetables. Although it is called soup, the bread absorbs the broth and makes the presentation of this typical dish less liquid.

Arròs de peix: this is a fish rice dish. A dish worthy of the natural harbour of Andratx.

Tumbet: a dish made with different vegetables such as peppers, aubergines, potatoes… accompanied by tomato sauce. Traditionally cooked in an earthenware casserole or ‘greixonera’ in Mallorcan.

Frito de matanzas: pork is the main ingredient in this dish. This dish was created to make the most of the products of the traditional slaughter.

And to finish off, sweet dishes typical of the Andratx’s gastronomy.

Greixonera de Pasqua: typical of Easter. A dish made with milk, sponge cake, eggs, lemon and cinnamon.
Ensaimada: The sweet most associated with Mallorcan gastronomy. It consists of a sweetened, fermented and baked dough. Lard is used to make it.

Llet amb figuera: The fig tree branch adds a particular flavour to this recipe based on milk and sweetened with honey or sugar.

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