cca andratx verano 2022

CCA of Andratx summer 2022 programme

The CCA of Andratx has already prepared its 2022 summer programme. Different proposals in which it has the collaboration of two European art centres. Contemporary, international and local artists make up the ambitious proposal of the prestigious cultural centre of Andratx.

Unintended Beauty, Misa Artist Fair and Cosmic Mind are the titles of the projects to be installed in Andratx. They concentrate moods, creative agitation and subjective reality until the 13th of August.
Misa Art with Collaborations by Tania & Thomas Asbaek focuses on emerging, young and ultra-contemporary artists. A fair of 16 international and local artists, ranging from the traditional to the digital through different artistic approaches. Miguel Adrover (ES), Lasse Bruun (DK), Elliot Dodd (UK), Ditte Ejlerskov (DK), Georg Haberler (AT), Florine Imo (DE), Andrew Jilka (US), Loopinglovers (DE), Egor Lovki (UK), Cevin Parker, Santiago Picatoste (ES), Albert Pinya (ES), Francesc Rosselló (ES), Maria Rubinke (DK), Bartomeu Sastre (ES) and Evren Tekinoktay (DK). Until 24 July at CCA Gallery.

Xenia Hausner presents Unintended Beauty with Konig Galerie & Collaborations by Tania & Thomas Asbaek. With a name of her own on the contemporary Austrian art scene, Xenia Hausner claims moods as the thread that runs through life. Her ability to transfer emotion to every element of her paintings leads to self-knowledge and the knowledge of others. Xenia Hausner elevates gestures and the ordinary, so unnoticed in a fast-paced world, to the extraordinary. Until 13 August at CCA Kunsthalle II.

Cathrine Raben Davidsen, in collaboration with Collaborations by Tania & Thomas Asbaek, introduces Cosmic Mind. Her brushstrokes describe the nature and workings of the world. Raben Davidsen advocates the relationship between humanity and the higher universe. An idea that evokes the connection between the microcosm and the macrocosm. Raben Davidsen invites you to experience through consciousness… both above and below. Until 13 August at CCA Kunsthalle I.

Remember that if you visit any of these exhibitions, you can enjoy the gastronomy of our restaurant Can Pep, in the first line of Port d’Andratx.