Salt-baked sea bass : a simple recipe for a sensational flavor

Salt-baked sea bass is one of the star dishes of Mediterranean cuisine. This simple recipe usually accompanies diners during large celebrations, although it is a very common fish in our waters, known for its nutritional qualities and delicate flavor.

Sea bass belongs to the long list of white fish, among which are cod, sea bream, John Dory, hake, monkfish, sole or turbot, among others. It has no carbohydrates, fiber or sugars, and is high in iron and calcium.

There are numerous ways to cook sea bass, as it is a fish that offers all kinds of possibilities. Tartare, carpaccio, baked or grilled are some of the best known. However, salt-baked sea bass is probably the recipe that most enhances the mild flavor and healthy properties of this excellent fish.

Preparation of salt-baked sea bass

In Spain, the technique of wrapping fish in salt is a tradition inherited from the people of the sea. A system that, when the fish is fresh, makes the meat juicier and full of flavor. The ingredients could not be simpler: fresh sea bass and coarse sea salt.

When coating the sea bass it is recommended to use twice as much coarse salt as the weight of the fish. It is also important to moisten the salt a little and leave the eye uncovered to see if it is cooked to perfection. The cooking time is approximately 20 minutes in the oven at 200 degrees, depending on the size of the fish. Once cooked, it should rest for about 5 minutes so that the layer of salt hardens, can be easily removed and is clean of salt.

Finally, the salt-baked sea bass can be served with boiled or baked potatoes, mayonnaise or aioli and a good seasonal salad.

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