eggs with rocklobster

The qualities of rocklobster, featured ingredient in Can Pep

Rocklobster is one of the featured ingredients in the dishes of restaurant Can Pep, in Port de Andratx. It is a decapod marine crustacean, the largest, that lives on rocky bottoms. Generally at depths ranging from 2 to 50 meters, where they feed on cuttlefish and octopus, as well as small fish and other mollusks.

Rocklobster stands out in Mallorcan cuisine for its white and tasty meat that makes it inevitable that diners suck their fingers. Especially with its creamiest part: the coral. Its unmistakable flavor combines perfectly in many culinary preparations.

The presence of rocklobster in the Can Pep menu is as diverse as delicious. From tasty broken eggs with rocklobster and Iberian ham to the unmistakable stew with rocklobster. One of the essential dishes in the kitchens of the Can Pep restaurant in Port de Andratx. In addition, this crustacean is also present in the notario rice and in the seafood platter, providing a unique flavor.

Nutritional properties

Rocklobster is an ally for those who control the calories they eat, with only 90 per 100 grams. This is because it has a high protein content (19 grams per 100) and barely contains fat (only two grams per 100), mostly unsaturated. Regarding vitamins and minerals, rocklobster contains vitamin B, potassium, iodine and phosphorus.

On the other hand, the cholesterol in rocklobster is somewhat high, so combining it with ingredients such as rice helps to counteract its effects. It also affects, like many shellfish, on uric acid, although its moderate consumption does not pose any inconvenience.

In short, the contribution of iodine it contains regulates the energy level, the proper functioning of the cells and also the cholesterol. In addition, vitamin B5 is a great ally to combat stress and migraines. Do you need more reasons to try one of our exquisite dishes?