donde comer paella port andratx can pep

Where to eat paella in Port d’Andratx

Are you looking for a place where to eat paella in Port d’Andratx? This typical dish is practically a national emblem in Spain. An elaboration for any day of the week, although there are many people who wait for Sunday to taste it. And what better than to do it on a sunny day and with the sea nearby, that way it tastes much better.

The Can Pep restaurant, which began its journey back in 1962, is one of the ideal places to eat paella in Port d’Andratx. Sixty years offering this dish are already a guarantee of quality. But it is also that the ingredients of his paella come from a few meters: the Andratx fish market. This makes eating blind paella -or what is the same, senyoret rice– at Can Pep an unparalleled experience. Especially in terms of flavor and in terms of quality and freshness of its ingredients, whose benefits we will talk about later.

Also, being blind means that it has neither bones nor shells, so the gastronomic experience is directly focused on enjoying the paella.

Ingredients of our paella in Port d’Andratx

The best place to eat paella in Port d’Andratx is Can Pep due to its ingredients. In this dish you can savor squid, mussels, fish and prawns as well as, of course, rice. Among the benefits of these foods we can talk about a high value in proteins, omega-3, vitamin A and minerals such as iron, selenium and zinc. A varied source of beneficial components for the cardiovascular system.

Now that you know where to eat paella in Port d’Andratx, we are waiting for you at our restaurant. Located on the first line of the port, with the best views. By the way, another fact: the word paella means frying pan in Valencian or Catalan. The term has its origin in the Latin and the word “patella”, which refers to the frying pan. Bon Appetite!