arroz senyoret

Our ‘Senyoret’ rice and its history

Senyoret Rice -with fish and seafood, without shells-, one of the rice dishes included in the Can Pep restaurant menu, has a long and curious history. Also with a lot of controversy: is it comparable to ‘a banda’ rice or is it a different recipe? This delicious dish has rice as its main ingredient, how could it be otherwise. However, its particularity comes from the way in which the rest of the ingredients are presented.

In this case, it is fish, seafood and shellfish, which are integrated into the dish completely clean and ready to eat. That is precisely where its name comes from. And, according to many references, it was a dish that was formerly made for the first-born of the family, for the ‘lord’ of the house. The base of the recipe is common to that of the typical rice dishes, but the seafood and fish in this Senyoret Rice is peeled, without shells, without bones… Ready for the gentleman of the house!

As Paco Alonso explains in an article published in “La Vanguardia”, the terminology began in the Valencian Community. The term “senyoret”, as a result of this custom, was penetrating among the population until it finally became popular, giving its name to this today so well-known rice dish.

Today’s ‘senyorets’

Senyoret Rice, a recipe that was born to satisfy the most exquisite -and lazy- palates, was later transferred to the restaurants sector. And it is that it makes a lot of sense to facilitate the gastronomic experience as much as possible to the diners, who do not even have to stain their fingers when tasting it. That is why this dish is perfect for those who do not want to peel shellfish or find bones in the fish.

In our restaurant in Port d’Andratx, in Mallorca, we prepare a Senyoret Rice with the best ingredients, fresh and local. What are you waiting for to try it?