faro de sa mola andratx

Andratx lighthouses: route to visit them

The Port d’Andratx is the westernmost port in Mallorca. In its surroundings, the lighthouses could not be missing, those lookouts of the sea that arouse so much interest in visitors. Andratx’s lighthouses bear witness to the passage of time and have evolved with it. From those years in which the figure of the lighthouse keeper was something totally essential until today, when its surveillance and lighting system has been automated. Do you know all the lighthouses in Andratx and its surroundings? Here is a complete list to organize a route through these guardians of the sea.

Port d’Andratx lighthouse

It is the most visible of all, since it is located on the outer dock of the port that was inaugurated in 1902. This lighthouse has starred in impressive images in each storm that has affected the port. In addition, there are many who have enjoyed their figure during the sunset. A few minutes away is Cala en Fonoll, one of the beaches of Andratx that you can discover in this other article.

Sa Mola lighthouse

The Sa Mola Lighthouse was inaugurated in 1974. In those years, they began to build lighthouses without housing for lighthouse keepers. The one in Sa Mola is 10 meters high, but its figure stands imposing on a cliff 128 meters above sea level. With these figures, it is not surprising that the lighthouse itself is an ideal viewpoint over the Mediterranean. To visit it from Port d’Andratx it only takes 8 minutes by car.

The lighthouses of sa Dragonera

The island of sa Dragonera, whose natural park can be visited with the corresponding permit, is home to the rest of Andratx’s lighthouses. Despite its size, the island has three lighthouses, although the Na Pòpia lighthouse, inaugurated in 1852 at the highest point of sa Dragonera, fell into disuse in 1910. It was then that the other two that remain active today were built: the Llebeig Lighthouse and the Tramuntana Lighthouse.

The one in Llebeig, 130 meters above sea level, has a 15-meter masonry tower on a stone building with a red roof, like the Tramuntana Lighthouse. Both replaced their predecessor, Na Pòpia. For decades, these two Andratx lighthouses were maintained by their respective lighthouse keepers and their families until their shutdown in the 1960s.