Mercado de Andratx

Andratx market, all the flavor of the island

Crafts, clothing, footwear, flowers, fresh fruit and vegetables, pickles, fresh bread, cold cuts, etc. All this and much more offers the weekly Andratx market, which is held every Wednesday, except holidays, from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Passeig de Son Mas.

In the food stalls, it is common to find typical products of the island depending on the season. If you visit the Andratx market in summer, we recommend you get some fleshy and juicy tomatoes, medium green peppers and sweet white onions from the Mallorcan garden with which to prepare the Mallorcan salad par excellence: the trempó (comes from the verb ‘trempar ‘which means ‘dress’). You just have to cut these ingredients and add a little oil and salt to make the magic work. The secret to the success of the dish is to use a lot of tomato, pepper to a lesser extent and little onion. Besides being a fresh and light meal, trempó is a source of fiber and contains antioxidants with which to take care of our health.

Another of the traditional Mallorcan dishes that can be made with exactly the same base (tomato, peppers and onions, preferably of autochthonous varieties) and that is desired in summer is the coca de trempó. Very simple to prepare and a delight for most palates. As in the previous recipe, it is necessary to cut the vegetables into squares, which are placed on a dough of flour, butter and baker’s yeast to which oil and water are added to knead it. Then it is put in the oven at about 200 degrees and ready to serve!

If you are one of those who is used to accompanying meals with bread, we also advise you to stop at the stops set up by some ovens in the municipality, where the classic and delicious country bread is sold (an essential) and other specialties such as panades, cocarrois, robiols or ensaïmades.

At Can Pep we cook for you with first-class ingredients

Because we know that pleasure grows exponentially when they give us cooked food, at Can Pep we take care to gather the best products from the Mallorcan countryside to delight you with simple but no less tasty recipes such as seasonal gazpacho or Mallorcan tomato salad with Buffalo mozzarella. Typical summer dishes that can be complemented with fresh fish and meat. Ask us without obligation for the recommendations of the day.