The three wise men.

The three wise men were visitors who visited Jesus when he was born. They wanted to pay homage and gave him three very symbolically wealth presents: Gold, Incense and myrrh.

Melchor (Magalath) is a White haired and long white beard old man. He gave myrrh to Jesus. A very appreciate material in the antiquity. Myrrh is the symbol of MEN. Gaspar (Galgalath) is the youngest of the three and he comes from Asia. He gave the incense to the new born. This is the symbol of GOD. Baltasar (Serakin), originating from Africa, gave the most appreciated noble metal to Jesus: Gold. This is the symbol of the KING.

Every Christmas, children write a letter to their majesties. In the message, they write to the kings if they have been good and they have had good grades. Then they ask for the presents they would like to receive.

If they are lucky and they have been really good during all the year (the three kings know it because the can see everything), the three wise men bring them what they wish. Otherwise, if they have been bad, their majesties bring them coal.

The magic of the three wise men from Orient starts the night of the 5th of January, the cavalcade night. All the cities of Spain are on party to welcome Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar. All the royal pages have travelled with them. They are who, during the night, will help them to share out all the presents. They have a lot of homes to visit and one night it is not a lot of time. In some homes, children receive the presents the same night after the cavalcade. Others have to wait until next morning.

We don’t have to forget (considering that it is a tradition) that our majesties come from a very far away place and that is why, near the Christmas tree, we have to leave them some food and drinks, and something for their camels too. We can’t forget it if we want them to return to our home next year!

Markets in Mallorca.

Every week Mallorca is host to a large number of markets. To guide you through them, we have listed three of these markets, each one different from the other. This way you can choose the one that suits you the best. Are you ready for a relaxed rural market, a colourful flea market or the largest market on the island? Just take your pick, or why not pick all three?

Sineu – Wednesday 7-14 – Farmers Market

On Wednesdays a traditional farmers market is held in the village of Sineu. This is the oldest market on the island. It was founded by King Jaime III in 1306. But the historic tradition is not the only thing that makes this market special. In addition to vegetables, fruits, flowers, farm machinery, tools and clothing, this is the only market on the island with permission to exhibit and sell animals. The most important domestic races of the Balearic Islands can be found in a specially designed warehouse at the Plaça de Mercat.

This market is one of the most popular on the island, so here we recommend you arrive early to avoid the worst congestion. The atmosphere is very joyful, and even if you are not looking to buy a goat or a pig chances are high that you might find something else, whether it be oranges, tomatoes or perhaps a pair of handmade leather sandals.

Son Fuster – Saturdays 8-14 – Flea Market

Son Fuster is a major industrial area on the outskirts of Palma. Here you can every Saturday to find a relatively large flea market.

Here you can find basically anything, but of course it varies from time to time. On site there is always someone selling food of some kind, so packed lunch is only a necessity if you are a bit picky.

You can find textiles, clothing, home accessories, furniture, flowers, shoes, old books.. Yes, anything is possible! Even if you are not looking for anything special it’s very interesting to stroll around and look at all the strange things that people are trying to sell.

Inca – Thursdays 8-14 – Majorcas largest market

Every Thursday Majorca’s largest market is held in the town of Inca. The market extends through almost the entire city center, and offers many different products – vegetables, fruit, pastries, nuts, candy, clothes, and above all leather products. Inca is well known for its fine leather goods, so if you are in search of a really nice bag, a belt, shoes or a fancy briefcase so it is strongly recommended that you visit this market.

The easiest way to get here is by train which runs from Plaza España, in Palma. The stop the train makes in Inca leaves you just a short walk from where the market begins.

Make sure to eat some “bunyols”: Freshly fried with melting sugar sprinkled over them – So good! There is always at least one person who is making and selling bunyols, and take the opportunity to buy as soon as you see them (you DON’T want to miss out on this!).