Que pescados pescan pot d'andrtax

Fresh fish in Port d’Andratx

Fresh fish port d'andratx

Port d’Andratx is one of the most important fishing ports in Mallorca, and is known for being home to a wide variety of fresh fish. You can find fresh fish from Port d’Andratx at the restaurant Can Pep, one of the most popular places to enjoy these delicious delicacies from the sea, and in this article we will introduce you to some of the types of fish that are caught in Port d’Andratx and that you can find on the menu at Can Pep. These are the fresh fish that Port d’Andratx has to offer:

1. Sea bass:
Sea bass is one of the most popular fish in Mediterranean cuisine. It is a fish with firm, white flesh and a mild, delicate flavour. At Can Pep, sea bass is served grilled with olive oil and garlic, which enhances its natural flavour.

2. Sea bream:
Like sea bass, sea bream is another firm, white fish with a mild and delicate flavour. At Can Pep, it is served grilled with a little lemon and salt, which gives it a fresh and tasty touch.

3. Sea bream:
The bream is a fish with firm and tasty flesh, with an intense and slightly sweet flavour. At Can Pep, it is grilled with a tomato and pepper sauce, which gives it a delicious and aromatic flavour.

4. Red mullet:
The red mullet is a small and tasty fish, with a pink and firm flesh. At Can Pep, it is grilled with a little garlic and parsley, which gives it an intense and aromatic flavour.

5. Squid:
Squid is one of the most popular shellfish in Mediterranean cuisine. At Can Pep, it is grilled with olive oil and garlic, which gives it a mild and delicious flavour.

In addition to these fish, at Can Pep you can also find a wide variety of fresh seafood, such as prawns, king prawns and octopus, among others. All the fish and seafood served at Can Pep is of the highest quality, and is cooked with care and attention to ensure that each dish is a unique and memorable culinary experience.

In short, Port d’Andratx is a paradise for lovers of fresh seafood, and Can Pep restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy it. If you are a lover of Mediterranean food and are looking for a place to enjoy a delicious and authentic dinner, don’t hesitate to visit Can Pep and try some of the fresh fish and seafood caught in Port d’Andratx.

The 6 best hiking trails in Andratx and Puerto de Andratx

Are you a hiking lover looking for new adventures in Mallorca?

Andratx and Puerto de Andratx are essential places to explore nature on the Balearic island. With its beautiful hills, forests and beaches, there are a variety of hiking routes for all levels and tastes.

In this article, we will introduce you to the five best hiking trails not to be missed in Andratx and Puerto de Andratx. From the historic Ruta de las Torres to the breathtaking Sa Coma Freda hike, each of these routes offers something unique and breathtaking.

Get ready for an exciting adventure and discover the natural beauty of Mallorca on these hiking routes.

  1. The Route of the Towers: This is a historical hike that takes in some of the coastal defense towers built in the 16th century in Andratx and Puerto de Andratx. The walk starts at the Torre de Sant Carles and continues through the Torre de Cala en Basset, a circular shaped tower that sits atop a cliff, the Torre de Cala de Egos, restored and converted into a private home, and the picturesque Cala en Cranc before arriving at the Torre de sa Mola, the largest and best preserved of all the towers. The hike takes about 4 hours and is about 10 kilometers long, and offers stunning views of the sea and surrounding mountains, as well as the opportunity to see some native plant and wildlife.
  2. Sa Coma Freda Route: This circular route is one of the most impressive in the area. The trail begins at the Galatzó estate and continues through a cobblestone path and pine forests. The hike is of medium-high difficulty and has a duration of 4-5 hours. You will reach the highest point of the route, the Puig de Galatzó, at 1,026 meters above sea level. From here you can enjoy spectacular views of the mountainous landscape and the coast of Mallorca. The route also takes you through a small cave called Sa Coma Freda, which is the name of the route. It is important to note that the route can be quite demanding, so be sure to bring enough water and wear good hiking shoes.
  3. Tramuntana Route: This route is one of the most popular in the area, as it is of medium-low difficulty and offers stunning views of the coast. The trail starts at the Plaza de la Vila de Andratx and continues through hills and pine forests to the beach of Sant Elm. During the hike you will enjoy spectacular views of the coast and the nearby islands. The route is about 9 km long and takes approximately 3-4 hours. Sant Elm beach is a good place to stop and rest before returning to Andratx.
  4. Ruta del Puig des Tossals Verds: This circular route is one of the longest in the area, with a length of 14 km and a duration of 5-6 hours. It starts at the parking lot of the public estate of Galatzó and takes you through valleys, pine forests and a small waterfall. Then you will ascend to the peak of Puig des Tossals Verds, which offers spectacular panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. The hike is of medium-high difficulty, so it is important to be prepared with water and good hiking shoes.
  5. Sa Dragonera Route: This circular route will take you through the beautiful island of Sa Dragonera, located off the coast of Andratx. The hike starts at the port of San Telmo and takes you along cliffs and through pine forests to the Tramuntana lighthouse. The 5 km hike is of medium difficulty and takes approximately 2-3 hours. During the hike you can enjoy breathtaking views of the sea and the surrounding islands. It is important to note that the island of Sa Dragonera is a protected nature reserve, so be sure to respect the environment and take all waste with you.
  6. La Mola Route: This route will take you through La Mola Natural Park, a protected nature reserve at the southern tip of Mallorca. The hike is of medium-low difficulty and lasts approximately 3-4 hours. It starts at the lighthouse of La Mola and continues through hills and pine forests to the beach of Cala Llamp. During the hike you will enjoy spectacular views of the sea and the nearby islands. You will also pass the Fort of La Mola, a fortress built in the 19th century to defend the coast from pirate attacks. The hike ends at Cala Llamp beach, a perfect place to relax after the hike. It is important to keep in mind that La Mola is a protected natural park, so be sure to respect the environment and take all waste with you.

If you are not so much of a walker and prefer to go by boat, here are “The best boat trips from Port d’Andratx.”

In short, these five hiking routes are some of the best in Andratx and Port d’Andratx. Each offers spectacular views of Mallorca’s landscape and coastline, and are a great way to explore the island’s natural beauty.

It is important to be prepared for each hike with plenty of water, good hiking shoes and to respect the natural environment in which you find yourself.

To finish the route and enjoy Mediterranean food overlooking the Port, book a table at Can Pep.

Enjoy the hike!


The 7 must-see places in Andratx and Puerto de Andratx

Andratx and Puerto de Andratx are two towns located on the west coast of the island of Mallorca. Both offer a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, with an endless number of places to discover.

If you are thinking of visiting this area, you cannot miss the following places:

  1. Puerto de Andratx: This marina is one of the most exclusive on the island, with luxury yachts and boats moored at its docks. Strolling through its streets and enjoying its terraces with sea views is an unforgettable experience. In addition, in the port you can find numerous restaurants and luxury shops, where you can sample the local gastronomy.
    You can book a table at Can Pep and enjoy a good plate of fresh fish overlooking the harbour.
  2. Sa Dragonera: This small island off the coast of Andratx is a protected nature reserve, home to a variety of flora and fauna. You can visit it by boat and explore its nature trails. It is also possible to hike along its cliffs and enjoy spectacular views of the coast. If you like nature, Sa Dragonera is a place you cannot miss.
  3. Sa Coma Freda viewpoint: From this viewpoint you can enjoy spectacular views of the coast and the port of Andratx. It is located on the road from Andratx to Estellencs and is a perfect place to stop and enjoy the beauty of the landscape. The viewpoint also has tables and benches where you can sit and have a picnic or just relax.
  4. La Trapa: This is an old monastery located in a hidden bay near Puerto de Andratx. It is a quiet and little frequented place, perfect to enjoy nature and the sea. La Trapa is an ideal place for hiking, as there are several paths that run through the area and offer spectacular views of the sea. It is also possible to access the bay by boat and enjoy a swim in its crystal-clear waters.
  5. CCA Andratx Art Gallery: If you are a lover of contemporary art, the CCA Andratx is a must. This cultural centre hosts exhibitions of international artists, workshops and artistic residencies. In addition, the CCA Andratx has a sculpture garden, where you can see works of art by various artists. If you are looking for a cultural experience in Andratx, the CCA Andratx is a place you cannot miss.
  6. Playa de Sant Elm: This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, located at the western end of the island. The beach has crystal clear waters and a wide range of services, such as sun lounger and umbrella rental, restaurants and bars. Furthermore, from Sant Elm it is possible to access the island of Sa Dragonera by boat and enjoy its landscapes and wildlife.
  7. Cala en Basset Tower: This defensive tower is located in an isolated cove near Puerto de Andratx. It was built in the 16th century to protect the coast from pirate attacks and today it is one of the most impressive sites in the area. From the tower you can enjoy breathtaking views of the coast and the bay of Andratx. In addition, the natural environment surrounding the tower is spectacular, with cliffs and pine forests that make it an ideal place to enjoy nature and the sea. If you like history and nature, the Torre de Cala en Basset is a place you cannot miss.

These are just some of the places to visit in Andratx and Puerto de Andratx. If you have the opportunity to visit this area, don’t hesitate to explore it in depth and discover all its charms. Whether you are looking for tranquillity and relaxation or if you prefer adventure and contact with nature, Andratx and Puerto de Andratx are two places that will make you fall in love.

We say goodbye to the season at Can Pep: “Thanks for everything, see you in 2023”

One more season is coming to an end at Can Pep restaurant on Sunday, October 30. They have been months of work, enthusiasm, laughter and sharing with you love in each meat or fish served, affection in each dessert prepared and simplicity and closeness in each step that the service requires, from the kitchen to the customer’s table.

We have been very happy to receive you in our home. We saw how you enjoyed the fresh fish and the colorful salads; the exact point of our rice dishes and the soft aroma of the meat on the stone, the star dish of the season.

We have seen you smile with your family and friends while you toasted with the delicious wines from our menu or said goodbye to dinner savoring strawberries with cream and ice cream or chocolate cake.

The terrace, so beautiful and spacious in the Port d’Antratx, was your nighttime refuge after a day in Camp de Mar or Sant Elm.  It has also been your place to talk after enjoying the Nit de l’Art at CCA Andratx, always with interesting and innovative proposals.

Andratx has everything you need in Mallorca. Beach, sunsets, markets, lighthouses and the exuberant nature of Sa Dragonera. It has been and is a natural enclave that inspires writers and artists for its beauty and historical richness.

For a few months, we will miss you. But near spring we will meet again so that you can enjoy our products from the sea and the Mallorcan countryside and the simple and tasty recipes that characterize us.

We say goodbye until 2023. We will open our house more renovated and fresh, with innovative proposals and with the quality of service that you deserve. See you soon!

jornadas gastronómicas gamba port andratx

Gastronomic Days of Prawns in Port d’Andratx

This year 2022 Can Pep restaurant is taking part in the Jornades Gastronòmiques de la Gamba in Port d’Andratx. A gastronomic event on the 22nd and 23rd of October that is very attractive for both residents and visitors to Mallorca.

Specifically, our restaurant will be offering two irresistible dishes with prawns as the main ingredient.

  • Prawn cocktail.
  • Mellow red prawn rice.

As participants in these Gastronomic Days of the Prawn in Port d’Andratx, we have made every effort to offer such a rich product in these two appetising ways. Moreover, the event shares our philosophy of using local, fresh and zero-kilometre products. All the dishes included in the days are made with gambusí and red prawns from Port d’Andratx.

We suggest you come and visit us and enjoy the days and the flavour of our cuisine. At Can Pep you will be able to taste the best dishes next to the sea.

The price of this initiative has been unified in all participating restaurants. Thus, the price of the gambusí dish is 8 euros, while the red prawn dish is 12 euros.

Qué ver en Andratx - Vista del Puerto

Andratx 2023 Calendar Photography Competition

The Department of Culture of the Town Hall of Andratx, led by Juana Dols, has once again launched the Andratx 2023 calendar photography competition.

The municipality of Andratx is open to everyone. To take part in the competition, only one photograph per participant is allowed. The theme for the Andratx calendar 2023 is “Hidden corners of the municipality of Andratx”.
Those interested can send the photographs they want to include in this competition until Sunday 30th October. To do so, they should send their images to the following e-mail address: concurscalendari@andratx.cat.

Recommendations for the images

A horizontal layout of the image is recommended, as well as having a minimum weight of 800kb resolution to enable subsequent printing. The photos sent in will be published on the Town Council’s channels and Andritxols will be able to vote for the ones they like best. The decisive vote will be cast by a jury made up of professional photographers who will decide which are the 12 best photographs that will make up the calendar.

January, February, March… Do you want your photo to be part of the Andratx calendar for 2023? Take part in the competition launched by the Town Hall. This is one of the actions most loved by the neighbours and which registers the highest participation rate every year. It is a way of promoting the best of Andratx and its urban centres.

From the restaurant Can Pep, on the front line of Port d’Andratx, we encourage you to participate in this contest with your best pictures.

banco plástico reciclado andratx

Andratx unveils a plastic marine litter bench

Port d’Andratx is one of the ports participating in Coca-Cola’s Circular Seas programme. A project to clean up the coasts and seabed, raise public awareness and develop the circular economy in Spain and Portugal. In its fifth edition, it has focused on finding options to give a second life to marine litter. The aim is to find solutions to the dumping of plastics in the seas.

Andratx’s participation in this programme shows how it has managed to give a second life to non-PET plastic. This includes the remains of nets, bags or very degraded and mixed film, which until now it was not known how to recycle. The result is 15 benches, each one handcrafted from recycled plastic, 30-50% of which is non-PET plastic. The origin is the marine waste collected by more than 500 fishermen from 104 boats in fifteen Spanish ports.

One of these recycled plastic benches is already in Port d’Andratx. Specifically, it is located next to the Ports Illes Balears office in the municipality. Hundreds of kilos of rubbish have been processed to make it. “This material has been obtained thanks to the efforts of the fishermen. They are all volunteers who make a great effort to separate the waste on the boat, take it to land, dump it and ensure that the waste is properly managed,” says Estíbaliz López-Samaniego, project manager of the Asociación Vertidos Cero (Zero Waste Association).

In the elaboration process, AIMPLAS receives the plastic mixture from the ports, conditions it and grinds it, at which stage it is passed on to the NGO Plàstic Preciós, which transforms it into sheets and handcrafts a bank containing 30% of marine plastic, approximately 13.5 kilos. The bench has a QR code that makes it easy to follow the traceability of the material used.

The plastic bench in Port d’Andratx is an example of how to make the most of this waste and promote the circular economy.

the crown en andratx

The Crown is being filmed in Andratx

The popular series The Crown is being filmed in Andratx. Several locations have been chosen by the film crew to develop the plot of the sixth season of the Netflix drama. The actors who play Lady Di and Prince William – Elizabeth Debicki and Rufus Kampa – have taken a boat trip around the waters of Port d’Andratx. The images of the filming have been captured by the newspapers Ultima Hora and Diario de Mallorca, which have also focused on Dodi Al-Fayed’s character in the series, played by Khalid Abdalla.

Other locations chosen for the filming of The Crown in Andratx are Villa California and the jetty of the Villa Castillo de Mallorca. However, in the Netflix series these sequences will emulate being in Sainz-Tropez, where Dodi Al-Fayed’s father, Mohamed, will play host to the couple.

Andratx thus serves as a set to immortalise Diana and Dodi’s last months of romance in The Crown series. The couple took refuge in Sainz-Tropez, where they attracted the attentive gaze of the paparazzi before the fateful and well-remembered accident that took place in 1997. Although miles away from the real-life setting, Andratx perfectly evokes the original setting: the Mediterranean Sea.

The filming of The Crown in Andratx is yet another reason to visit the town and follow in the footsteps of the characters in the series.

At Can Pep restaurant we would be delighted to offer the best of our gastronomy to the British royal family, even if it is their fictional characters. Just as we have done with other famous people who have visited us, such as Shawn Mendes, Pilou Asbaek, Nacho Vidal… Famous or not famous, the truth is that at Can Pep, on the front line of Port d’Andratx, anyone can taste the best of local gastronomy with fresh and local products. Come and enjoy this incredible setting while we serve you the best dishes.

gastronomía de andratx frito

Typical dishes of Andratx’s gastronomy

The gastronomy of Andratx is rich and varied. From exquisite local products to irresistible delicacies from the sea. A Mediterranean cuisine that combines peasant and seafaring traditions. The latter is perhaps the most deeply rooted in the municipality, which has a marked history of fishermen and a passion for fishing in Port de Andratx.

Numerous fish and shellfish are present in some of the typical dishes of the gastronomy of Andratx. The restaurant Can Pep, in the heart of Port de Andratx, is well aware of the history of the municipality and its culinary traditions. That is why its dishes reflect the Mediterranean essence of a port located in an enclave of great beauty.

Typical dishes of Andratx’s gastronomy

Sopas mallorquinas (Mallorcan soups): The main ingredients are farmhouse bread and vegetables. Although it is called soup, the bread absorbs the broth and makes the presentation of this typical dish less liquid.

Arròs de peix: this is a fish rice dish. A dish worthy of the natural harbour of Andratx.

Tumbet: a dish made with different vegetables such as peppers, aubergines, potatoes… accompanied by tomato sauce. Traditionally cooked in an earthenware casserole or ‘greixonera’ in Mallorcan.

Frito de matanzas: pork is the main ingredient in this dish. This dish was created to make the most of the products of the traditional slaughter.

And to finish off, sweet dishes typical of the Andratx’s gastronomy.

Greixonera de Pasqua: typical of Easter. A dish made with milk, sponge cake, eggs, lemon and cinnamon.
Ensaimada: The sweet most associated with Mallorcan gastronomy. It consists of a sweetened, fermented and baked dough. Lard is used to make it.

Llet amb figuera: The fig tree branch adds a particular flavour to this recipe based on milk and sweetened with honey or sugar.

Would you like to try the gastronomy of Andratx? At Can Pep we offer you the best of typical Mallorcan dishes. You can see the local suggestions included in our menu through this link. Bon profit!

excrusion barco port andratx

The best boat excursions from Port d’Andratx

Port d’Andratx is a very privileged port. It is the most important natural harbour in the western part of Mallorca. Its geographical location means that many visitors are attracted by its landscape, tradition and gastronomy. Moreover, the economy of this corner of Mallorca revolves around the maritime industry: fishing, water sports and above all the rental of recreational boats (yachts, catamarans, sailing boats, boats without a licence or programmed excursions). Restaurant Ca’n Pep recommends the best boat trips from Port d’Andratx.  Whether you are thinking of renting a boat, or if you prefer to hire an excursion, we offer you the best routes and boat trips from Port d’Andratx.

Boat trips from Port d’Andratx

Port d’Andratx offers a wide range of boat trips. From this port you can find some wonderful routes to spend the day and discover this area in the west of Mallorca. We always recommend that you check the weather forecast or consult with experts before going on any sea excursion.

  • Port d’Andratx – Sant Elm – La Dragonera: This excursion is designed to be done during a whole day in a medium or large boat, rented with or without a skipper. The ideal way to do this route is to leave Port d’Andratx early in the morning and moor at midday on the coast of Sant Elm and Cap Blanc. From there, you will be able to enjoy impressive views of the Dragonera Natural Park. Afterwards, you can take a route around the island of Dragonera. You will be able to admire the cliffs on the northwest face of the island of Dragonera and appreciate the Fer de Llebeig and the Far de la Tramuntana, which guard the island. On the way back we recommend that you stop at Platja dels Conills to watch the sunset.
  • Excursion to Dragonera from Sant Elm: If you are only thinking of visiting Dragonera, we recommend that you choose the Margarita Ferry option. It is actually a regular line that connects Sant Elm and Dragonera. This is the best option for those who wish to spend the day on the island and walk along its paths and then take a dip in its crystal clear waters. We remind you that there are no toilets at Dragonera, so you will have to take water and food with you.
  • Cala d’Egos and Cala en Basset: If you have a medium or large boat, this is an ideal route to spend the day. In the morning you can leave Port d’Andratx in the direction of Sant Elm. Passing Cap Blanc and leaving Dragonera on your left, you will reach Cala en Basset. A beautiful cove that represents one of the best marine conservation areas in the Tramuntana. It has spectacular views of the mountains and crystal clear waters full of life to contemplate with your snorkelling goggles. If the weather is not good, as the Tramunatana and Llebeig winds sometimes blow, preventing good sailing in this area, we recommend going to Cala d’Egos. It is very close to Port d’Andratx and almost always has calm waters, as it is sheltered.
  • Caló d’es Monjo and les Illes Malgrats: if you wish to moor in a magical cove, this is Caló des Monjo. Very close to Port d’Andratx, it can be easily reached in the direction of the coast of Calvià. After passing Camp de Mar, you will find a water inlet inland that forms this cove in the shape of a pond with a small rock in the centre. It is designed for small or medium-sized boats, as there is not much space in the cove. If you want to continue the day’s sailing, we recommend a stroll through the waters of the Illes Malgrats between Santa Ponça and Port Adriano. The sunset on these islets is spectacular.
  • Cala Llamp or Cala d’Egos for small boats or boats without a licence: If you have decided to rent a small boat and you want to make the most of the day, there is no need to go far away. In the area of Port d’Andratx you have some impressive coves. Cala Llamp is very close to the exit of Port d’Andratx and is ideal to visit with a small boat. You can also take a dip and explore the marine life in its blue waters, so take your snorkelling gear with you! Another good option for this type of boat is to visit Cala d’Egos, as it is a cove that is very difficult to access on foot. The ease of getting there by boat and the pine forest that surrounds these waters will make it an ideal option to go on this type of boat to enjoy the day.

You already know the best boat trips from Port d’Andratx that the restaurant Ca’n Pep offers you. We invite you to come and visit us after enjoying a day at sea to taste the best Mediterranean food.