banco plástico reciclado andratx

Andratx unveils a plastic marine litter bench

Port d’Andratx is one of the ports participating in Coca-Cola’s Circular Seas programme. A project to clean up the coasts and seabed, raise public awareness and develop the circular economy in Spain and Portugal. In its fifth edition, it has focused on finding options to give a second life to marine litter. The aim is to find solutions to the dumping of plastics in the seas.

Andratx’s participation in this programme shows how it has managed to give a second life to non-PET plastic. This includes the remains of nets, bags or very degraded and mixed film, which until now it was not known how to recycle. The result is 15 benches, each one handcrafted from recycled plastic, 30-50% of which is non-PET plastic. The origin is the marine waste collected by more than 500 fishermen from 104 boats in fifteen Spanish ports.

One of these recycled plastic benches is already in Port d’Andratx. Specifically, it is located next to the Ports Illes Balears office in the municipality. Hundreds of kilos of rubbish have been processed to make it. “This material has been obtained thanks to the efforts of the fishermen. They are all volunteers who make a great effort to separate the waste on the boat, take it to land, dump it and ensure that the waste is properly managed,” says Estíbaliz López-Samaniego, project manager of the Asociación Vertidos Cero (Zero Waste Association).

In the elaboration process, AIMPLAS receives the plastic mixture from the ports, conditions it and grinds it, at which stage it is passed on to the NGO Plàstic Preciós, which transforms it into sheets and handcrafts a bank containing 30% of marine plastic, approximately 13.5 kilos. The bench has a QR code that makes it easy to follow the traceability of the material used.

The plastic bench in Port d’Andratx is an example of how to make the most of this waste and promote the circular economy.

the crown en andratx

The Crown is being filmed in Andratx

The popular series The Crown is being filmed in Andratx. Several locations have been chosen by the film crew to develop the plot of the sixth season of the Netflix drama. The actors who play Lady Di and Prince William – Elizabeth Debicki and Rufus Kampa – have taken a boat trip around the waters of Port d’Andratx. The images of the filming have been captured by the newspapers Ultima Hora and Diario de Mallorca, which have also focused on Dodi Al-Fayed’s character in the series, played by Khalid Abdalla.

Other locations chosen for the filming of The Crown in Andratx are Villa California and the jetty of the Villa Castillo de Mallorca. However, in the Netflix series these sequences will emulate being in Sainz-Tropez, where Dodi Al-Fayed’s father, Mohamed, will play host to the couple.

Andratx thus serves as a set to immortalise Diana and Dodi’s last months of romance in The Crown series. The couple took refuge in Sainz-Tropez, where they attracted the attentive gaze of the paparazzi before the fateful and well-remembered accident that took place in 1997. Although miles away from the real-life setting, Andratx perfectly evokes the original setting: the Mediterranean Sea.

The filming of The Crown in Andratx is yet another reason to visit the town and follow in the footsteps of the characters in the series.

At Can Pep restaurant we would be delighted to offer the best of our gastronomy to the British royal family, even if it is their fictional characters. Just as we have done with other famous people who have visited us, such as Shawn Mendes, Pilou Asbaek, Nacho Vidal… Famous or not famous, the truth is that at Can Pep, on the front line of Port d’Andratx, anyone can taste the best of local gastronomy with fresh and local products. Come and enjoy this incredible setting while we serve you the best dishes.

gastronomía de andratx frito

Typical dishes of Andratx’s gastronomy

The gastronomy of Andratx is rich and varied. From exquisite local products to irresistible delicacies from the sea. A Mediterranean cuisine that combines peasant and seafaring traditions. The latter is perhaps the most deeply rooted in the municipality, which has a marked history of fishermen and a passion for fishing in Port de Andratx.

Numerous fish and shellfish are present in some of the typical dishes of the gastronomy of Andratx. The restaurant Can Pep, in the heart of Port de Andratx, is well aware of the history of the municipality and its culinary traditions. That is why its dishes reflect the Mediterranean essence of a port located in an enclave of great beauty.

Typical dishes of Andratx’s gastronomy

Sopas mallorquinas (Mallorcan soups): The main ingredients are farmhouse bread and vegetables. Although it is called soup, the bread absorbs the broth and makes the presentation of this typical dish less liquid.

Arròs de peix: this is a fish rice dish. A dish worthy of the natural harbour of Andratx.

Tumbet: a dish made with different vegetables such as peppers, aubergines, potatoes… accompanied by tomato sauce. Traditionally cooked in an earthenware casserole or ‘greixonera’ in Mallorcan.

Frito de matanzas: pork is the main ingredient in this dish. This dish was created to make the most of the products of the traditional slaughter.

And to finish off, sweet dishes typical of the Andratx’s gastronomy.

Greixonera de Pasqua: typical of Easter. A dish made with milk, sponge cake, eggs, lemon and cinnamon.
Ensaimada: The sweet most associated with Mallorcan gastronomy. It consists of a sweetened, fermented and baked dough. Lard is used to make it.

Llet amb figuera: The fig tree branch adds a particular flavour to this recipe based on milk and sweetened with honey or sugar.

Would you like to try the gastronomy of Andratx? At Can Pep we offer you the best of typical Mallorcan dishes. You can see the local suggestions included in our menu through this link. Bon profit!

excrusion barco port andratx

The best boat excursions from Port d’Andratx

Port d’Andratx is a very privileged port. It is the most important natural harbour in the western part of Mallorca. Its geographical location means that many visitors are attracted by its landscape, tradition and gastronomy. Moreover, the economy of this corner of Mallorca revolves around the maritime industry: fishing, water sports and above all the rental of recreational boats (yachts, catamarans, sailing boats, boats without a licence or programmed excursions). Restaurant Ca’n Pep recommends the best boat trips from Port d’Andratx.  Whether you are thinking of renting a boat, or if you prefer to hire an excursion, we offer you the best routes and boat trips from Port d’Andratx.

Boat trips from Port d’Andratx

Port d’Andratx offers a wide range of boat trips. From this port you can find some wonderful routes to spend the day and discover this area in the west of Mallorca. We always recommend that you check the weather forecast or consult with experts before going on any sea excursion.

  • Port d’Andratx – Sant Elm – La Dragonera: This excursion is designed to be done during a whole day in a medium or large boat, rented with or without a skipper. The ideal way to do this route is to leave Port d’Andratx early in the morning and moor at midday on the coast of Sant Elm and Cap Blanc. From there, you will be able to enjoy impressive views of the Dragonera Natural Park. Afterwards, you can take a route around the island of Dragonera. You will be able to admire the cliffs on the northwest face of the island of Dragonera and appreciate the Fer de Llebeig and the Far de la Tramuntana, which guard the island. On the way back we recommend that you stop at Platja dels Conills to watch the sunset.
  • Excursion to Dragonera from Sant Elm: If you are only thinking of visiting Dragonera, we recommend that you choose the Margarita Ferry option. It is actually a regular line that connects Sant Elm and Dragonera. This is the best option for those who wish to spend the day on the island and walk along its paths and then take a dip in its crystal clear waters. We remind you that there are no toilets at Dragonera, so you will have to take water and food with you.
  • Cala d’Egos and Cala en Basset: If you have a medium or large boat, this is an ideal route to spend the day. In the morning you can leave Port d’Andratx in the direction of Sant Elm. Passing Cap Blanc and leaving Dragonera on your left, you will reach Cala en Basset. A beautiful cove that represents one of the best marine conservation areas in the Tramuntana. It has spectacular views of the mountains and crystal clear waters full of life to contemplate with your snorkelling goggles. If the weather is not good, as the Tramunatana and Llebeig winds sometimes blow, preventing good sailing in this area, we recommend going to Cala d’Egos. It is very close to Port d’Andratx and almost always has calm waters, as it is sheltered.
  • Caló d’es Monjo and les Illes Malgrats: if you wish to moor in a magical cove, this is Caló des Monjo. Very close to Port d’Andratx, it can be easily reached in the direction of the coast of Calvià. After passing Camp de Mar, you will find a water inlet inland that forms this cove in the shape of a pond with a small rock in the centre. It is designed for small or medium-sized boats, as there is not much space in the cove. If you want to continue the day’s sailing, we recommend a stroll through the waters of the Illes Malgrats between Santa Ponça and Port Adriano. The sunset on these islets is spectacular.
  • Cala Llamp or Cala d’Egos for small boats or boats without a licence: If you have decided to rent a small boat and you want to make the most of the day, there is no need to go far away. In the area of Port d’Andratx you have some impressive coves. Cala Llamp is very close to the exit of Port d’Andratx and is ideal to visit with a small boat. You can also take a dip and explore the marine life in its blue waters, so take your snorkelling gear with you! Another good option for this type of boat is to visit Cala d’Egos, as it is a cove that is very difficult to access on foot. The ease of getting there by boat and the pine forest that surrounds these waters will make it an ideal option to go on this type of boat to enjoy the day.

You already know the best boat trips from Port d’Andratx that the restaurant Ca’n Pep offers you. We invite you to come and visit us after enjoying a day at sea to taste the best Mediterranean food.

Fiestas de s'Arracó 2022

Programme of the s’Arracó 2022 festivities

The restaurant Can Pep brings you all the information and the programme for the s’Arracó 2022 fiestas. This year, after two years marked by restrictions, the fiestas of s’Arracó are back with a lot of fun. In this edition, a wide-ranging programme has been prepared, featuring tradition and popular games, taking into account the concerns and ages of all the participants. The verbenas (open-air dances) will be the highlight of these patron saint festivities. The fiestas of the town of Andritxol will begin on Saturday 20th August and end on Saturday 17th September.

Programme of the fiestas of s’Arracó 2022

Saturday 20th

09.00h. 19th Memorial Biel de Sa Plana pétanque tournament.
Place: Camp Municipal Melisa Nicolau
Organised by: Club Petanca s’Arracó

Tuesday 23rd

20:30h Final Trivia Tournament 2022
Place: Local Caparrots
Organised by: Associació Caparrots de s’Arracó

Wednesday 24th

20:30h Charity Raffle
Place: Plaza Weyler
Organised by: Club Petanca s’Arracó
Followed by… DJ “Martino”.

Thursday 25th

20:00h Nit jove
Place: Campo Municipal Melisa Nicolau
Organised by: Casal de Joves

20:00h MTB outing
Place: Camp Municipal Melisa Nicolau
Organised by: CCA

20:00h Truc melee
Place: Can Viguet

22:00h Nits a la fresca: O-ERRA
Venue: Plaça Weyler

19:30h Redoble of Bells
Parade and dance of the Caparrots de s’Arracó, accompanied by the Colla gegantera de Calvià and
the Colla gegantera de Calvià and the Boc d’Esporles and the Bocsifoc dimonis
dimonis Bocsifocs
Route: Departure from Henriettas, Francia street, Toledo square.
Proclamation of the Caparrots
Place: Toledo Square
Balloon and candy launching from the church
Organised by: Associació Caparrots de s’Arracó (S’Arracó Caparrots Association)

20:30h Children’s Group “Conte Contat”.
Place: Plaza Weyler

23:00h Verbena flowers s’Arracó
Performances: DJ Juan Campos Gintonics Band Èxit Band Maria’n’ganxa
Place: Plaza Weyler

Saturday 27th

11:00h Jewellery races
Place: Tomeu Monjo Street (Bar Can Nou)
Organised by: Associació Caparrots de s’Arracó
Ribbon race
Bicycles without wheels.
Categories: 0-6 years old, 7-11 years old, 12-17 years old and +18 years old.
Place: Tomeu Monjo Street (Bar Can Prima)
Organised by: Associació Caparrots de s’Arracó

19:30h Football match C.D. s’Arracó – C.E. Andratx
Place: Camp de Futbol Melisa Nicolau
Organised by: Club Deportiu s’Arracó

23:00h Verbena
Performances: Berimbau Orchestra
Place: Plaza Weyler

Sunday 28th

11:00h Solemn Mass in honour of the Holy Christ of s’Arracó
Dance of the Offer
Aperitif in the Plaza Weyler by the Club Petanca s’Arracó

12:00h Castellers de Mallorca
Place: Plaza Weyler

19:30h Concert by the Veus de Ponent Choir
Place: S’Arracó Church

21:00h Dinner of the Gent Gran (Elderly)
Place: Plaza Weyler

22:00h DJ Roberto
Place: Plaza Weyler

Monday 29th

19.00h Bodymind Master Class
Place: Plaza Weyler
Organised by: Serveo

Tuesday 30th

19:00h Gymkhana and treasure hunt (over 16 years old)
Call and inscriptions 18:30h
Place: Plaza Toledo Can Viguet
Organised by: Es tres Picons i Associació Caparrots de s’Arracó

20:30h Truc
Place: Bar Can Nou / Organised by: Bar Can Nou

Wednesday 31st

17:00h Popular games for all ages.
Comfortable clothes that can get dirty are recommended.
Place: Plaza Weyler
Organised by: Associació Caparrots de s’Arracó i Es Tres Picons20:00h Children’s foam party and children’s DJ Georgi
Place: Plaza Weyler

20:30h Truc
Place: Bar Can Nou / Organised by: Bar Can Nou
Thursday 1st

17:00h Table Tennis Tournament
Place: Theatre of s’Arracó
Organised by: ATT

20:00h UNO Tournament
Place: Bar Es Puput
Organised by: Bar Es Puput

20:30h Truc
Place: Bar Can Nou / Organised by: Bar Can Nou

Friday 2nd

19.00h Inauguration of the exhibition Bómbolo Place: S’Arracó Theatre (with the presence of the author,
recently arrived from Germany).

20:30h Tenc Talent
Venue: Plaça Weyler
Organised by: Associació Fibló de Cap
Registration by phone: 722 76 27 90
to follow….
Prize-giving ceremony of the Photography Competition
Place: Plaça WeylerOrganised by: Associació Fibló de Cap

Saturday 3rd

21:00h S’Arracó torra un bou 2022
Ticket sale on the 28th at the exit of the mass, and from the 29th onwards at
Can Nou, Can Prima and Can Viguet
Price:18 €.
Place: Plaza Weyler
Organised by: Associació Caparrots de s’Arracó and Es Tres Picons

22:30h Mini Verbena
Performances: AfterSuns DJ “Martino
Venue: Weyler Square

Sunday 4th

22:00h Children’s cinema – Raya and the Last Dragon
Place: Plaza Weyler

Wednesday 7th

19:30h Performance Escoleta Aires d’Andratx
Place: Plaza Weyler

21:00h Dinner al Fresca
*Advance booking of tickets: Can Nou,
Can Prima and Can Viguet
Price: 18 €.
Organised by: Associació Gent Gran s’Arracó
Place: Plaza Weyler

22:00h DJ Roberto
Place: Plaza Weyler

Thursday 8th

19:00h Procession in honour of the Virgin of La Trapa
Solemn Mass and Dance of the Offering
Place: S’Arracó Church

21:00h Performance Aires d’Andratx
Place: Plaza Weyler

Friday 9th

21:00h Children’s Correfoc
Route: Departure from the theatre, c/ Tomeu Monjo,
Molins street and Weyler square
Organised by: Dragomonis d’Andratx

23:00h Verbena
Performances: Bon Ball Orchestra .Cat Islanders
Place: Plaza Weyler

Saturday 10th

12:00h Exhibition of old cars and motorbikes.
Place: Plaza Weyler
In collaboration with: Classic Riders
Aperitif by the Club Petanca s’Arracó

23:00h Verbena
Performances: Marblau Bosc Enrocats Orchestra DJ “Martino”.
Place: Plaza Weyler

Saturday 17th

17:45h Trapa Trail
Place: Plaza Weyler
Organised by: Club Atletisme Andratx

For more information about the festivities of s’Arracó 2022, you can consult the official website of Ajuntament d’Andratx.

Fiestas de s'Arracó 2022

senderismo port d'andratx sant elm

The best hiking route from Port d’Andratx to Sant Elm

Ca’n Pep Restaurant recommends the best route to get to know the municipality of Andratx along its coast and mountains. We present you the hiking route Port d’Andratx – Cala Egos – Puig d’en Tió – Sant Elm. This excursion is only recommended for the most adventurous hikers and we recommend you to do it especially from September onwards, when the heat is not so intense. The distance is about 10 km and can be done in 4 hours. During this hiking route through Andratx, you can enjoy wonderful views of the sea, the harbour, the Serra de Tramuntana and the Dragonera. From the Restaurant Ca’n Pep we will inform you of the best route for this excursion.  Are you ready? Let’s start:

Hiking route Port d’Andratx to Sant Elm

The explanation of this route is classified in phases so that you can orientate yourself better. The route is not circular and you have to take into account that there is no water along the way. We recommend that you leave your car parked in Port d’Andratx and then return on the TIB Sant Elm – Andratx bus line.


  • Stage 1: We leave the sailing club to one side, passing the bridge over the torrent until we reach the Cala Egos turnoff. We go up a steep slope along the Calle de Cala d’Egos until we leave some building work behind us. When the asphalted road ends at the top of the hill, the downhill path to Cala d’Egos begins. There are signs to this cove. Cross the pine forest with a steep slope for about 45 minutes until you reach Cala d’Egos. If at this point we are already tired, we recommend returning to the starting point.
  • Stage 2: Leaving Cala d’Egos, take the left fork to continue towards Sant Elm. We continue our way to Sant Elm along the old track leading down to the cove, for about 150 m, along the watercourse and towards the north. For more than 1 hour, follow the path marked by milestones that will take you to Puig d’en Tió with some ruined buildings.
  • Stage 3: In this last stage, we leave Puig d’en Tió behind us towards a hill that separates Pintal Vermell from Puig d’en Tío. Descend through some old terraces that are now a very young pine forest until you reach the Pedra en Sec GR221 path. Continuing along the path towards the north, you will leave a house behind you and see a chain that prevents cars from passing. After crossing this area, you will come across several paths that lead to the sea. We can choose the path that pleases us the most. When you reach the sea, head north until you reach Sant Elm.

In the village of Sant Elm itself, you can find services to rest and refresh yourself. From the beach car park, you can take the bus back to Port d’Andratx. In the port, we invite you to try some of our delicious Mediterranean delicacies in the Ca’n Pep Restaurant so that you can replenish all the strength you have spent on this excursion around Andratx.

de compras port d'andratx

Shopping in Port d’Andratx

Enjoying a delicious lunch at Can Pep followed by a shopping spree in Port d’Andratx is the perfect plan for a summer afternoon. The port offers a mixture of all kinds of designer shops and jewellery stores, fashion and decoration and small shops in the narrow streets that seem to sell unimaginable objects. If you like decoration and furnishings, or are looking for something for your home, you will find some very elegant shops offering furniture bought from markets in France and the Netherlands, along with a wide variety of antiques, decorative items, objets d’art.

In addition, Port d’Andratx offers a unique “shopping” experience. It is the perfect excuse to visit the local shops of Mallorca, in a traditional fishing environment. Many visitors who come to Port d’Andratx are drawn to its seaside promenade to gaze at the sea, take a boat trip or eat in a good restaurant. But shopping in Port d’Andratx is an activity to be discovered here.

Types of shops for shopping in Port d’Andratx

We are going to explain the types of shops you can find for shopping in Port d’Andratx. In this way, you can not only enjoy the exquisite culinary offer that we offer you at Restaurante Can Pep, but you can also complement your shopping with some shopping:

  • Decoration and furniture.
  • Local food
  • Weekly market on Wednesdays
  • Fish market in Port d’Andratx
  • Clothes and accessories
  • Souvenirs
  • Art galleries
  • Supermarkets
  • Diving and fishing

If you would like to get to know the shops in Port d’Andratx in depth, we recommend that you come on a Wednesday to enjoy the local market, visit the fish market and continue with the different shops in this wonderful port.

festes sant elm 2022

Sant Elm Festivities 2022

The traditional Sant Elm Festival is back in 2022 with many events and activities. You can enjoy the Fiestas de Sant Elm with all your family and friends between 3 and 12 August.

As every year, the main event of the festivities is the re-enactment of the battle of Moors and Christians on the beach of Santa Elm. In addition to this popular celebration, there will be competitions for all ages, games for the whole family, music, concerts, dances and gastro-cultural offers.

The festival of Moors and Christians of Sant Elm will be held on Friday 5 August at 20:00 in Sant Elm. We leave you the complete programme of the Sant Elm Festivities 2022 so that you don’t miss anything. Here you have the Sant Elm Fiestas timetable.

fiestas de sant elm

Sant Elm Festival Programme 2022

Wednesday 3rd August

  • 17:00 Cake competition. Place: Church car park. Organised by Associació d’Amics de Sant Elm.
  • 18:00 Food competition, Watermelon. Place: Church car park. Organised by Associació d’Amics de Sant Elm.
  • 20:30 “Torneig de truc” Place: Bar Can Verda.

Thursday 4th August

  • 18:00 Drawing competition. Place: D’Carmen. Organised by Associació d’Amics de Sant Elm.
  • 20:00 Popular Paella. Venue: Sports centre. Price: 10 euros. Organised by Associació d’Amics de Sant Elm.
  • 20:30 “Torneig de truc” Final. Place: Bar Can Verda.
  • 21:00 Charity raffle. Place: Sports centre. Organised by Associació d’Amics de Sant Elm.
  • 22:00 “Nit a la Fresca” Chicken Sister. Place: Sant Elm Beach.

Friday 5th August

  • 10:00 to 11:30 Open doors Keyda: kayak and paddle surf activities. Venue: Sant Elm Beach. In collaboration with KEYDA Enjoy Mallorca.
  • 19:00 to 23:00 Palomera Market. Place: Passeig Jaume I.
  • 20:00 Moors and Christians. Venue: Sant Elm, see map.
  • 23:00 Revetla. Venue: Sports centre. Performers: Vintage Orchestra, Alen Lovers and The Hawaiians.

Saturday 6th August

  • 12:00 to 14:00 Exhibition of vintage cars and motorbikes. Place: Fabioler Street. In collaboration with Classic Riders.
  • 17:00 Mats race and sandbag competition. Place: Sant Elm Beach. Organised by Associació d’Amics de Sant Elm.
  • 18:00 Presentation of the book “A las mujeres que sus maridos llamaron loca” by local author Concha Capó. Place: In front of Bar Can Verda. Patricia Marqués, president of the Círculo de Mujeres d’Andratx (Women’s Circle of Andratx) will take part.
  • 19:00 Omelette competition. Place: Church car park. Organised by Associació d’Amics de Sant Elm (Friends of Sant Elm Association).
  • 20:00 Mass in honour of Santa Catalina Thomás. Place: Sant Elm Church.
  • 21:00 Performance by Aires d’Andratx.
    Venue: Travelling dance along Passeig de Jaume I.
    23:00 Revetla. Venue: Sports centre. Performances by Le Kiff, Old Noise and Islanders.

Sunday 7th August

  • 17:00 Parcheesi competition. Place: Can Verda. Organised by Associació d’Amics de Sant Elm.
  • 20:30 Pamboliada. Venue: sports centre. Price 8 euros. Organised by Associació d’Amics de Sant Elm.
  • 21:00 Performance by Escoleta Aires d’Andratx. Venue: sports court.
  • 22:30 Performance by local groups. Venue: Sports court. Kattansound and DJ Juan Suasi.

Monday 8th August

  • 18:00 Beach volleyball and slack line tournament. Place: Sant Elm beach. Organised by Associació d’Amics de Sant Elm.
    Friday 12th August
  • 19:00 “Passejada Gastro-Cultural de Sant Elm”.  In collaboration with Associació d’Amics de Sant Elm.
  • 19:00 Start of the Indoor Football Tournament. Place: sports centre. Organised by Associació d’Amics de Sant Elm.

You have a very important date this week in Sant Elm. Don’t miss out on a festival designed for the whole family, full of activities and events to start a good month of August. Sant Elm is waiting for you, enjoy it!

Visit the weil studio in port d’Andratx

The Weil Studio is located in the wonderful Port d’Andratx. This studio was built by a well-known architect named Daniel Libeskind, a close friend of the American Varbara Weil. The studio is presented as a private art gallery open to the public. To visit it, an appointment must be made in advance with a guided tour for 15 euros per person. Reservations can be made through the Studio Weil website. During the visit, usually guided by her son Jummy, you can discover the creative spirit of Barbara Weil, as well as the various temporary exhibitions.

Opening hours vary throughout the season, so please check the official website for information on access depending on the time of year you wish to visit the studio.

This avant-garde studio is built on two floors to complement Weil’s works. During the summer months of July and August, the terrace with beautiful sea views is an ideal venue for events and small music concerts.

It is worth noting that the most emblematic monument “Over The Moon” is visible from the promenade of Port d’Andratx itself. Despite the death of the artist Barbara Weil, many visitors continue to enjoy the legacy that the artist has left with her works of art. Moreover, her life in the village of Andratx means that her artistic works are already part of the memory of the village.

After visiting this wonderful art centre, we recommend a walk by the sea in Port d’Andratx and let yourself be surprised by the local gastronomy of the Restaurant Ca’n Pep.

sant elm que ver

What to see in Sant Elm, just 15 minutes from Port d’Andratx.

Sant Elm is a small village in the south-west of Mallorca belonging to the municipality of Andratx. This traditional fishing village has developed into a very attractive tourist centre. And it is not surprising, since what characterises Sant Elm is its quietness and the preservation of a coastal environment with impressive views of the island of Dragonera. Despite its tranquillity in winter, during the summer Sant Elm has a wide variety of restaurants, shops, beaches and tourist attractions.

How to get there:

Before we tell you what to see in Sant Elm, we recommend that you choose the best transport option:

  • By car: This is the best option for getting here, as there is not a high frequency of intercity buses. From Port d’Andratx it takes about 15 minutes along the Andratx-Sant Elm road, passing through s’Arracó. And from Palma it takes between 25 to 35 minutes on the Autopista de Ponent (Ma-1 Motorway), depending on the traffic.
  • By bus: The TIB (Transport de les Illes Balears) is the intercity bus network that connects the island. To get to Sant Elm, you will have to take bus number 121, which connects the towns in the municipality of Andratx. Check the timetables on the official website:


What to see in Sant Elm

  • Beaches: For sand lovers, the beach of Sant Elm, or “Sa Gran” as the residents call it, is the best option for a swim. Despite being an urban beach next to the main boulevard, it surprises visitors with its crystal-clear waters. Cala Conills or Cala Algar are two small rocky and sandy beaches that are also worth a visit. Even though they are smaller than Sant Elm beach, they have a beautiful view of Dragonera. Cala Embasset is the furthest beache from Sant Elm’s town centre and has difficult accessibility. To reach it you will have to walk for 40 minutes. Crossing a spectacular pine forest uphill you will be amazed by the Dragonera and then descend along a path to swim in Cala Embsasset.
  • Restaurants and shops: The avenue Jaume I de Sant Elm, is a walking avenue that runs through the coastal village. It is full of bars and restaurants where you can taste the local Mallorcan food. It is also recommended to visit its craft shops and small boutiques.
    Cala Embasset Tower: A 30 minute walk from Punta Blanca, you will find the
  • Cala Embasset Tower. It is an old watchtower and defence tower built during the 16th century. From here you can enjoy beautiful views of Dragonera and Cala Embasset.
  • La Dragonera: A good option for getting in touch with nature is to visit the Dragonera Island Natural Park. Here you will find protected endemic species, such as the Dragonera sargantanas, and you can go on hiking routes of varying degrees of difficulty. From the highest point of the island, you can enjoy beautiful views of Sant Elm and the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range.After your visit to Sant Elm, we recommend that you make a stop in the nearby towns of s’Arracó and Port d’Andratx.