‘Raor’: The season of this bite begins

From September 1 to March 31, the ban is lifted to fish for ‘raor’, a delicacy of Balearic gastronomy. With white, soft and exquisite meat, this species, also known as ‘llorito’, ‘galán’ or ‘pejepeine’ is found in the temperate waters of the Mediterranean and Atlantic.

‘Raor’, shaped like a razor, is highly appreciated in island cuisine. Their prices have skyrocketed in recent years to reach € 100 per kilo. Only a few professional fishermen are dedicated to catching it, so fishing for the raor is fundamentally recreational in nature: in the Balearic Islands there are more than 12,000 recreational boat licenses.

On the hunt for a marine jewel

The departure of the boats in search of the first raors is quite an event. Hundreds of ships are concentrated on the Mallorcan coast in an unprecedented naval deployment. Fishermen strive to get hold of this delicacy, which they later tend to enjoy as a family. The amount of fishing allowed per license and day is 50 units, with a maximum of 300 per boat. Enough to treat yourself to a good feast.

The closure imposed in 2020, in order to protect a threatened species, has improved its presence in the waters of the archipelago. In addition, the size of the raors has increased by an average of 20%.

How to taste this fish

Most chefs agree that this fish can best be savored in the simplest way: fried in hot olive oil. To accompany it, Italian fries, mushrooms or green peppers are often served.

The usual thing is to let them spend a few hours out of the sea from their capture so that they can cook well and do not fall apart.

Mercado de Andratx

Andratx market, all the flavor of the island

Crafts, clothing, footwear, flowers, fresh fruit and vegetables, pickles, fresh bread, cold cuts, etc. All this and much more offers the weekly Andratx market, which is held every Wednesday, except holidays, from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Passeig de Son Mas.

In the food stalls, it is common to find typical products of the island depending on the season. If you visit the Andratx market in summer, we recommend you get some fleshy and juicy tomatoes, medium green peppers and sweet white onions from the Mallorcan garden with which to prepare the Mallorcan salad par excellence: the trempó (comes from the verb ‘trempar ‘which means ‘dress’). You just have to cut these ingredients and add a little oil and salt to make the magic work. The secret to the success of the dish is to use a lot of tomato, pepper to a lesser extent and little onion. Besides being a fresh and light meal, trempó is a source of fiber and contains antioxidants with which to take care of our health.

Another of the traditional Mallorcan dishes that can be made with exactly the same base (tomato, peppers and onions, preferably of autochthonous varieties) and that is desired in summer is the coca de trempó. Very simple to prepare and a delight for most palates. As in the previous recipe, it is necessary to cut the vegetables into squares, which are placed on a dough of flour, butter and baker’s yeast to which oil and water are added to knead it. Then it is put in the oven at about 200 degrees and ready to serve!

If you are one of those who is used to accompanying meals with bread, we also advise you to stop at the stops set up by some ovens in the municipality, where the classic and delicious country bread is sold (an essential) and other specialties such as panades, cocarrois, robiols or ensaïmades.

At Can Pep we cook for you with first-class ingredients

Because we know that pleasure grows exponentially when they give us cooked food, at Can Pep we take care to gather the best products from the Mallorcan countryside to delight you with simple but no less tasty recipes such as seasonal gazpacho or Mallorcan tomato salad with Buffalo mozzarella. Typical summer dishes that can be complemented with fresh fish and meat. Ask us without obligation for the recommendations of the day.

Fresh fish in Port d’Andratx: From the sea to the plate

The landscape drawn by the fishing boats of Port d’Andratx and its exquisite catches are one more reason to come to this town with a seafaring tradition. Although the fishing activity has decreased over the years, there are still boats like the Marruza that go out to fish from Monday to Friday to bring top quality products to the Lonja, which is still open today.

If you are a lover of fresh fish or simply one who is carried away by curiosity, you can go here any weekday afternoon from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. to get the best catches of the day. The usual thing is to find prawns, crayfish and other delicacies such as San Pedro’s rooster, red mullet, cod, hake or land fish such as gerret, whitebait, ray, etc. with which to prepare delicious broths and rice dishes. The vivid color that the pieces give off, with their shiny scales, make them truly irresistible. Not to mention its taste.

An experience to witness

Around 5:00 p.m., the fishing boats that launch into the sea in the early morning dock in the port. There a refrigerated truck awaits them, where the fresh fish of the day is unloaded, which minutes later is transferred to the Lonja, located a few meters away.

Many times it is the women of the fishermen who are in charge of preparing the fish for sale, distributing it in boxes according to species and size. When the Lonja closes, all the unsold product travels to the Lonja de Palma, where it is sold the following morning.

Pescado fresco en el Port d'Andratx     Pescado fresco en el Port d'Andratx

The Lonja opens its doors from Monday to Friday to offer fresh fish in Port d’Andratx.

The Port d’Andratx Lonja not only caters to individuals but also supplies restaurants in the area, such as Can Pep, where you will find daily fresh fish of the day that varies depending on the season. Check here the letter.

sa dragonera reserva marina

The Sa Dragonera marine reserve, in Andratx

The municipality of Andratx includes in its territory the island of Sa Dragonera. In its waters is located the Sa Dragonera marine reserve, with a surface area of ​​457 hectares, of which 82 are integral reserves (without permitted uses except for duly authorized scientific monitoring).

The Sa Dragonera marine reserve is characterized by its steep profile and rocky bottoms, where the different species find protection and shelter areas. Inside, the oceanic seagrass meadows, reefs and submerged caves stand out. Populations with great potential for recovery coexist here, such as grouper, scorpionfish, moray eels, brotoles, black croaker, bream, poplar, sea bream and dentex, as well as bigeye and spits.

Diving is one of the activities that take place in Sa Dragonera and that attracts hundreds of fans to the municipality every year. For recreational diving dives there are diving quotas, which allows to protect the environment of the space.

Marine Reserve since 2016

marine reserve sa dragonera

Infography: Marilles Foundation. Main picture: Darek Darul.

It was in 2016 when the Government of the Balearic Islands approved the creation of the Freu de Sa Dragonera Marine Reserve. In 2020, the Government of Spain declared it a Marine Reserve of Fishing Interest. With it, the entire coastline of the island has been declared under this figure of fisheries protection. The protection of marine resources in this area of ​​the Mediterranean is the result of close collaboration between the ministry and the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands, materialized in an agreement on shared management.

The Sa Dragonera marine area has considerable ecological and fishing value, in which a high diversity of habitats and communities can be found in a relatively small space. The underwater landscapes of Sa Dragonera are an example of those that can be seen on the coast of Mallorca, where the oceanic posidonia meadows stand out, very extended to the south, which act as areas of great biological production and repopulation of fingerlings of species of fishing interest.

famosos restaurante Can Pep Pto Andratx

Celebrities take a seat at Can Pep

Mallorca attracts many famous personalities every summer. Not only at the national level, every year more international stars visit the island. Here they find a place to rest, to have fun away from the spotlight -with the permission of the paparazzi- and to enjoy a few days of vacation in incredible locations.

The famous people who visit Mallorca appreciate its gastronomy. The Mediterranean diet and fresh and healthy products fascinate any palate, even the most demanding. Not to mention the exquisite Mallorcan and national wines, of international fame. With a privileged location, in one of the spots on the island traditionally chosen by many celebrities such as Port d’Andratx, in Can Pep some of these media-famous characters have taken a seat.

One of the last to pass by the Can Pep restaurant in Port d’Andratx was the Canadian singer Shawn Mendes, who visited Mallorca during the summer of 2021. The young talent was accompanied by his girlfriend, the also international singer Camila Cabello. The artist uploaded a photo on social media of him enjoying our terrace. A pleasure to have you as guests at Can Pep!

Previously, there have been several footballers who have tasted Can Pep dishes. This is the case of the Mallorcan Marco Asensio, a Real Madrid player, and Marcos Llorente, of Atlético de Madrid. Also Borja Mayoral, who currently plays in the Italian league, and Manuel Neuer, the German footballer who captains the national team. Also related to the world of football, the FC Barcelona notary, Sergi González Delgado, has been another of the clients who have passed through Can Pep in recent years.

The restaurant’s stoves will be prepared to delight famous and non-famous people on their next visits to Mallorca. Bon Appetite!

atardecer en andratx lugares

Sunset in Andratx: The top 3 places

The municipality of Andratx occupies the westernmost part of the island of Mallorca. And as the west is synonymous with beautiful sunsets, watching the sunset in Andratx is one of the magical plans that this area of ​​the island offers. Its population centers and its surroundings nestled in the heart of the Serra de la Tramuntana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offer unique places to enjoy an incredible sunset.

Where can you see the best sunsets in Andratx? There are really many corners to enjoy the last minutes of the day. However, there are three locations whose magic will delight those who seek to capture the best sunsets.

Sant Elm

From any point of Sant Elm you can see an incredible sunset. But those who are looking for the perfect corner, will have to cross the town to get closer to the Punta Blanca area. Some of the most beautiful sunsets in Andratx and even in all of Mallorca take place here. You can also continue to the area in cove en Basset or even to the tower of the same name, further away. Throughout the area, the sun sets under the imposing silhouette of the island of sa Dragonera, something that makes it day magical.

Sa Mola lighthouse

Located 128 meters above sea level, the sa Mola lighthouse, one of the municipality’s lighthouses, offers a good panoramic view to enjoy a good sunset in Andratx. It can be reached by car, although space in the vicinity of the lighthouse is limited. The place acts as a balcony over the Mediterranean, where the view is lost on the horizon. One of the options to enjoy a sunset in Andratx.

Port d’Andratx

Last but not least, you can see a perfect sunset in Port d’Andratx. A privileged natural port that enjoys fantastic sunsets without leaving the municipality. The sun disappears on the horizon line, while the silhouette of the lighthouse on the outer dam stands out against the orange tones of the sky. The sunsets in Port d’Andratx are famous on the island, something that makes our restaurant Can Pep proud, where we invite you to enjoy a dinner in the best company when the sun’s rays disappear.

What time does the sun set in Andratx?

In order not to miss the best sunsets in Andratx, here is a guide from beginning to end of the month with the sunset times in the municipality throughout the year. Now it’s time to enjoy them!

January: from 5:36 p.m. to 6:08 p.m.
February: from 6:09 p.m. to 6:40 p.m.
March: from 6:41 pm to 8:12 pm.
April: from 8:13 p.m. to 8:42 p.m.
May: from 8:43 p.m. to 9:10 p.m.
June: from 9:10 p.m. to 9:20 p.m.
July: from 9:20 p.m. to 9:02 p.m.
August: from 9:01 p.m. to 8:21 p.m.
September: from 8:20 p.m. to 7:33 p.m.
October: from 7:31 p.m. to 5:48 p.m.
November: from 5:47 p.m. to 5:26 p.m.
December: from 5:25 p.m. to 5:35 p.m.

faro de sa mola andratx

Andratx lighthouses: route to visit them

The Port d’Andratx is the westernmost port in Mallorca. In its surroundings, the lighthouses could not be missing, those lookouts of the sea that arouse so much interest in visitors. Andratx’s lighthouses bear witness to the passage of time and have evolved with it. From those years in which the figure of the lighthouse keeper was something totally essential until today, when its surveillance and lighting system has been automated. Do you know all the lighthouses in Andratx and its surroundings? Here is a complete list to organize a route through these guardians of the sea.

Port d’Andratx lighthouse

It is the most visible of all, since it is located on the outer dock of the port that was inaugurated in 1902. This lighthouse has starred in impressive images in each storm that has affected the port. In addition, there are many who have enjoyed their figure during the sunset. A few minutes away is Cala en Fonoll, one of the beaches of Andratx that you can discover in this other article.

Sa Mola lighthouse

The Sa Mola Lighthouse was inaugurated in 1974. In those years, they began to build lighthouses without housing for lighthouse keepers. The one in Sa Mola is 10 meters high, but its figure stands imposing on a cliff 128 meters above sea level. With these figures, it is not surprising that the lighthouse itself is an ideal viewpoint over the Mediterranean. To visit it from Port d’Andratx it only takes 8 minutes by car.

The lighthouses of sa Dragonera

The island of sa Dragonera, whose natural park can be visited with the corresponding permit, is home to the rest of Andratx’s lighthouses. Despite its size, the island has three lighthouses, although the Na Pòpia lighthouse, inaugurated in 1852 at the highest point of sa Dragonera, fell into disuse in 1910. It was then that the other two that remain active today were built: the Llebeig Lighthouse and the Tramuntana Lighthouse.

The one in Llebeig, 130 meters above sea level, has a 15-meter masonry tower on a stone building with a red roof, like the Tramuntana Lighthouse. Both replaced their predecessor, Na Pòpia. For decades, these two Andratx lighthouses were maintained by their respective lighthouse keepers and their families until their shutdown in the 1960s.

Golf en Andratx, Camp de Mar

Golf in Andratx: a high level course

What a better way than to play golf in Andratx to whet your appetite before sitting down at the table at Can Pep. Golf in Andratx receives more and more golf fans, with a spectacular course located in Camp de Mar.

Golf de Andratx is a golf course surrounded by incredible landscapes. Ancient olive trees, almond trees and typical Majorcan stone walls surround the route for the enjoyment of those who practice sports in this location. The course has 18 holes and is popular with golfers as one of the most challenging. Simply perfect for challenge-loving golfers. From the starting hole, a challenging par 4 that forces you to start with a good right shot, until the last of its holes. It is a short par 5 in which to sharpen the dexterity due to the water hazard on your left side.

The longest hole in Spain

Hole number 6 of the Andratx golf course presents 609 meters from the tee. This makes it the longest hole in Spain, attracting hundreds of golfers each year. In addition, on their route, athletes find unevenness between vegetation and water obstacles. To all this we must add its incredible views, since from the field you can see the Bay of Camp de Mar, nestled between mountains.

Faced with such a challenge, the Andratx Golf course staff make golfers feel at home in this area of ​​Camp de Mar. With a warm welcome and attention to match the most demanding clients.

Golf de Andratx is less than five kilometers from the Can Pep Restaurant. A short ten-minute journey by car that allows a perfect marriage between this sport so consolidated in Mallorca and the best gastronomy of the island in the Can Pep kitchen. The finishing touch to relax while enjoying the best views of Port de Andratx.

Qué ver en Andratx - Vista del Puerto

Andratx: what to see

A must for those who want to explore the Serra de Tramuntana and home to artists and writers throughout history, Andratx, also known as “la Vila”, is a quiet municipality in the southeast of the island that preserves its traditional character, especially in its fishing port: Port d’Andratx.

Both from the historical-patrimonial point of view, as well as the landscape and nature, Andratx offers visitors multiple experiences in any of its urban centers.

Camp de Mar

It is home to some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Another of its attractions, such as the tower des cap Andritxol, built to defend the island from pirate attacks, contrasts with other more modern elements, such as the Andratx Golf course facilities, ideal for practicing this sport.

Puerto de Andratx

It is an excellent claim for lovers of the sea and nautical. While in the past it was a refuge for fishermen and has managed to preserve its picturesque appearance, today it largely lives off exclusive residential tourism.

Walking along the promenade and the pier, where the Lonja is located is one of the most pleasant activities to do in this pleasant cosmopolitan and cheerful corner in equal measure, where there is also a place for shopping, sun and bathing and leisure night.

You cannot leave Puerto de Andratx without stopping at one of the terraces overlooking the sea along the promenade, such as Can Pep, or at the emblematic Club de Vela Puerto de Andratx , a perfectly equipped marina.


It is a small town of less than 1,000 inhabitants that enlightens the sight of any visitor with its charming low houses with orchards or gardens, typical of inland towns.

You can always make a stop on the way in one of the three cafes where visitors usually congregate, before contemplating the church of “Sant Crist”, the building of “ca Ses Monges” or daring with an excursion to the monastery of La Trap.

Sa Coma

Home to old estates such as Son Lluís and beautiful possessions, Sa Coma is nestled in the Coma Calenta valley and is home to the CCA Andratx, a cultural center dedicated to contemporary art on the island with several exhibition spaces, a café and a gift shop .

Sant Elm

The troops of Jaime I anchored in this coastal nucleus before landing in Santa Ponça. Until the beginning of the s. XX fishing and salting were its main economic activities. At present, it is a small tourist center that does not lack anything: bars, restaurants, shops, etc.

The tower of Sant Elm, the monastery of La Trapa or the defense towers of creeks in Basset and Llebeig are some of the examples of its vast historical heritage. To cool off and sunbathe, the beaches “sa Gran” and “sa Petita”, with fine sand, and those of Cala Conills and Basset stand out.

Sant Elm also has the honor of having two natural areas of great interest: the Dragonera Island Natural Park and the Trapa Natural Reserve, perfect for family tourism.

Festa de Ses Madones Andratx

Andratx celebrates the “Festa de Ses Madones”

The traditional “Festa de Ses Madones”, which takes place every August 2, will also be held this year in Andratx, complying with all security measures so that no crowds occur and the safety distance is respected. This quote recalls the defense attitude of the women of the town when the town was besieged by Ottoman pirates in 1578.

On Wednesday July 28 at 7:30 pm “Ses Madones” and “Els Obrers” will stroll through the streets of the municipality inviting the neighbors to decorate the streets of the town so that the afternoon of Monday August 2, coinciding with the Mare de Déu dels Àngels, the parade of the “replegada de Ses Madones” is carried out in the best conditions. The “Festa de Ses Madones” represents the collection of these women (Madones), one by one, throughout the town on a donkey.

Thus, the parade is scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. on August 2. It will begin at the Municipal Sports Palace and will continue along Joan Carles I street accompanied by the Xeremiers d’Andratx, the Band of Music, the Caparrots de s’Arracó and the carts and horses of the Associació de Cavallistes d’Andratx.

Complete tour:

Joan Carles I street, 105: Rosa Maria Soler
Palma street, 8: Magdalena Flexas Morey
Palma street, 7: Magdalena Alemany Ensenyat
Menéndez Pelayo street, 8: Aina Cuart
Joan Carles I street, 75 : Núria Palmer
Joan Pagès street, 23 : Malén Coll Amengual
Don Pedro González street, 8: Margalida Massot

The party will end with a parade, with the floral offering on the Cross, in Plaça Pou, where the Coral Municipal d’Andratx will sing La Balanguera accompanied by the Municipal Band. Then there will be the reading of the “Sermó dels moros” in the church. Once the event is over, there will be a popular dance in the square with the music of Música Nostra.


Ses Madones program